Monday, July 1, 2013

My Pixie Closet !!!

Hey there fairies and sparrow men ! :) What's up? I'm really bored here -__- but listening to music and blogging makes me feel much better! :p So you are propably wondering... ok now what is this about ?
Ok so it's not officially "post time" (every weekend i upload a new post for those who didn't know ;)  ) yet but i wanted to introduce to you the new tab i am about ot create. You must have propably noticed i deleted the Pixie Diaries tab ... Yeah i thought that someone might get offened so i thought i better delete it .... after all it wasn't such a good idea ... :/ . But this new tab i am making called My Pixie Closet is the original idea i had see i  got the idea from the post i made on how to build up your wardrobe even as a non member .... So i decided this....I want to encourage you so i  too,  will put into effect all the tricks i taught you and try to build a wardrobe even as a non-member! In that tab you will be able to see all the new items i got and wich levels i cleared to get them and of course the tactics i followed :P
So well that's what this tab will be about ^^ If you are curious check it out once it is available :P
Till then happy flapping <3
~Crystal Airshine 


  1. Um Crystal one question: How do u make these tabs around your blog? I know it's a little off topic but it seems an easier way for people to find their way around it and i wanna try it on my blog too so please help !!

  2. Ok let me explain :). You to your Blogger editor .. you know when you edit the blog. To the section called pages. Then add new ones and they will appear in your blog as tabs. I you want to edit the look of the tabs go to the Template section. And if you wanna edit the index of the tabs go again to the pages section, select the page you want and click edit ;)
    I hope this helped :P