Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Camp Pixie Dust:The Second Challenge!

Hey there my dear readers! Guess what ? I missed you already! ^_^ ! 

You must have noticed that I decided to post more often! So because I can't descover a new secret of Pixie Hollow whenenver I want (but I hopefully I am going to reveal one every weekend )  I will also post some news ! :D

And i'm sure that some of you saw it uploaded in the Disney Fairies official website as well.. cause THE SECOND CHALLENGE ARRIVED!

 I hadn't taken part in the fisrt one  so i was really sad i couldn't even help my troop a bit! ;'(   
But here's another chance and i'm gonna do my best to get that explorer badge!!!!
And now that i mentioned the word "explorer" , the challenge is about exploring the Wilderness! What you have to do is help help 5 squirells in any of the three Wilderness areas to get the  exploring badge! It also doesn't matter whether you go alone or with your friends, it's your choice!

Finally the rules are simple! The troop with the most players who have earned the badge wins! Do your best campers! I'll do my best  to earn the badge and woot for troop Otters! :)

Wich team do you support ?

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For more details on the challenges you shall visit the official page!~

Ⓒ3/7/13 Crystal Airshine

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