Thursday, April 17, 2014

Will Pixie Hollow Re-Open ? :) (UPDATED!)

Hey pixies!!! How are you? :D Did you miss me ^^? LOL, just kidding :P
Happy Never Dove Egg Hunt by the way,! J Is it school break for any of you yet! ?
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By the way, If you haven’t gotten to read yet my previous post: Pixie Hollow's Rebirth?-The shattered pieces , then do so now! I think you will find it interesting J

OK, so of to the topic! I’ve been getting this question a LOT lately: “Will Pixie Hollow Re-open?”  or  “When will Pixie Hollow re-open?”
Now , I can’t really answer to any of those two questions…and I’m sorry, it’d be awesome if I could!! O.O BUT J, I CAN give you some clues, both positive and negative that indicate that Pixie Hollow might or might not re-open. From there, you can draw your own conclutions. Although you should keep in mind, that sometimes you never know how things will actually turn out..

Indications that Pixie Hollow MIGHT re-openJ:
I am very sad to say this, but unfortunately, these indications are very few, and not even able to support such a thing. L
Well, fist off I heard by many pixies that since Toontown had re-opened, Pixie Hollow might do so as well. HOWEVER,I did a bit of research myself ,and realized that the new version of Toontown, is NOT owned by Disney. It’s called “Toontown Re-Written” and it is most probably if  not surely FAN-MADE.

Despite that, there are three more signs that give us a small, tiny ray of hope… They are two (so far) links of the initial page of Pixie Hollow. Here, check for yourself:
This first one is from the loggin page, but you can’t loggin unfortunately L :
I remember the first time I clicked on the link, I was almost left BREATHLESS O.O  :P
ⒸDisney,All rights reserved

And here is the second link, and it leads to the main page of Pixie Hollow :D. At first it links you to the Printables page, but I discovered that you can click on all the other pages, except from Pixie Central and Pixie Hollow World that will link you to the Dinsey Fairies Page -_- And it's kinda buggy XD...
But still yay! :D , I can watch those cute vids again and all that stuff :D
Here is the link, so that you can explore it for yourself J :
ⒸDisney,All rights reserved

Let me just be clear though: these could just be mere remains of Pixie Hollow as we knew it, and simply saved pages, so they are not enough to support the rumor about PH re-opening L
That, however, doesn’t mean we should stop believing either ;) J

Last but not least is this: There seems to be this thing going around the web, I myself hadn't heard of it, until Scott, one of the blog's readers posted it on a previous post:
Posted by Rose on April 21, 2014 at 7:07 pm

Well I emailed and called Disney and they said it’s coming back in mid or late 2014. THIS IS TRUE !!!
This was aparently posted by some fairy, in some other board...It could merely be just another rumor,as it is no longer possible to actually e-mail Disney about this, but even if you did, i doubt they would answer... but ..who knows? However, just in case guys, don't get your hopes up by this.

Indications that Pixie Hollow will NOT re-open L :
Let’s see…..these are a lot -_-.
First it was supposed to have re-opened in January 31st, but no such luck L
Also, Disney never stated such a thing as the game re-opening. And they deleted every trace of our favorite game. The services, the page, the Facebook and twitter page…EVERYTHING!
It is now clear to me, that the purpose of closing down the 3 games (Toontown. POTCO and PH) was for Disney Infinity to sell, besides the  lost way too much money with those online games L
There has been no announcement or sign of life since the “death” of Pixie Hollow. Disney hasn’t announced anything about the game re-opening and so we can merely just hope for something.
On balance…the future of our beloved game seems dim  L


And I know that this makes all of you very sad, but let’s be realists. Even if the  game doesn’t open up again, we still have it all saved up and alive in our hearts  The memories, the fun we had, our friends…everything J So don’t worry, life goes on, and as I said to one of our readers…it’s beautiful, so live it happily ;) J . And we shouldn't stop hoping for our game to open,but without feeling sad!

Plus there are tons of things to remind us of our Hollow, right?

Remember my  previous post? I gave a link in the beggining of this  post ;)

Fly with you soon

Ⓒ17/4/14 Crystal Airshine