My Pixie Closet!

Hey there! Welcome to my pixie closet/wardrobe :) As I said in the introduction here I will post all of my new fashion items and e.c.t :)

So here we are! Sice I have two fairies I will have to devide this page to Crystal's Closet and Daphne's.

(By the way Happy Clover Days!.. ;) Check Marigold's Blog for the contest!)

Some of the looks I saved from my fairy's "last moments". :(

(Ok, so I don't mean to brag, but a while before PH closed and I became a member I had too many clothes to take pictures of them.>< Plus I was so sad,I wasn't really in the mood of taking screenshots ..yeah :/.Anyway,this tab was originally created to show other non-members that it's not entirly impossible to buy clothes XD)

(For a Halloween Contest that I had dressed up as the "Evil Witch" from Snowhite :P)

(The outfit I made for the Christmas Reunion 2014-2015 at Worlize )
(From random screenshots I'd taken : )

MY CURRENT ITEMS( Back in 2013)


A beautiful gift from my ver very awesome (and totally random at times xD) friend Chloe. I really have no idea why she thought it was my birthday though .. o.o she even sent me a post card saying "Happy Birthday" .... ? But she is still awesome for gifting me.. especially since she was saving up diamonds for the giveaway she organised on youtube (the winner gets an outfit from the post office! click here to take part :
for info click on the description of the video ^^)


Flower sheeds, Sunshine Skirt and thanks to the seed bonus trick I got this matching Starfire Sash!!

My Favourite Looks 

 (Back in 2013 before I became a member)

OK!Now what i need to do I clear level 15  that unfortunately gives no diamonds (but i get rainbow dyes! how cool is that ?) and level 16 were i will get 4 diamonds!The bad thing is that is gonna be a LOT OF WORKo_o!!Because  a lot of points,(and i do mean a lot) are required so that these levels are mastered....Plus i will also be missing from home for a few days, i will have to update the blog and play through Daphne too so this is gonna take a lot of time ....... -__- 
Anyway back to my shopiing plans!
I am going to spend the 3 of them in buying maybe a seed for a top and the 1 that will be left to dye the blue shoes with the ribbons in a summer white colour, in order to match my current outfit!
And of course once i plant this i will also make sure to get a bonus! Mabye it will be a headpiece ?Who knows,,,,,,, And that's propably what's so exciting with seeds! You never know what you will get! :P
Another thing is i wanna get enough diamonds to change my skin tone,hairstyle (front and back) and maybe add some higlights.
I might as well change my face in the Pixie Spa~


(Daphne as an ancient Greek XD)


WHAT I CURRENTLY HAVE (2013-*Used to have)


Got  Tie Dye Sandals  in Jungle Green from the Summer seeds and a Tropic Flower Anklet 
(inspired form the birds of paradise flower )
as a bonus!!

My awesome and really cool friend Pearl Moontwill just gifted me this awesome set from the Post office! It's really awesome! And she's great for gifting me :) Thnx Pearly! :)

Aww Pearl noticed i hadn't gotten the shoes and she offered to gift these to me too! I feel so indepted to her now! She's so great!


(Back in 2013 before I became a member)


Ok so next thing in my list is a top seed  :) ! This one is gonna be a litlle hard to get! I am close to mastering level 9 wich will give me only 1 diamond!!! Then level 10 gives you another skill and finally level 11 gives you 2 diamonds.So I have to clear all these levels in order to have enough diamonds for the seed...-_- .. \
This is bound ot be time be time consuming....


  1. Cool, I love these fashions! Your friend is SOOOOOOOOOO nice, I wish I had a friend like that! Does she read your blog?

    1. Thanks you Michal! And yes she is a great friend! ^^ I'm not really sure if she reads my blog though ... i don't really think she does ..... :p

  2. Your friends, are really nice, my friends got me gifts too. Like this one time, I had this really good outfit, and my friend gifted me the same outfit, so when I told her, I already had that outfit, and thanks, she got mad and deleted me as a friend, I have no idea what I did wrong. Sigh. Well, I had other friends, who were online at the time, and they too were confused on why I was defriended. Oh well, she just wasn't a good friend after all. #lessonlearnt. :)

    1. Lol,thanks they are very nice indeed.
      As for your friend, I can kind of guess why she got angry, but that DEFINETLY was not the right way to behave.At all. ._. XD
      Anyway,you just reminded me that i have to update this tab,it's so old and it doesn't have my member clothes :( (Which I didnt really screenshot unfortunatly -_-..they were too many.... ._. )

  3. Can u still play pixie hollow ? And if u do plz send me the new link or web so I can friend u because there was a look tht said corranation 2014-2015

    1. Hey there! Pixie Hollow closed down on 2013 sadly :(
      However, some fans have made a second version of it:

  4. I really miss Pixie Hollow,I searched in youtube for a cheat to re-open Pixie Hollow,but none of it works... Im so sad..... I hope Pixie Hollow will be re-open without any changes,like the games and the fairy-tastic design.

    1. Hhahaha! I'm afraid there is no such cheat lol
      But some fans made a second version of Pixie Hollow: