Saturday, June 29, 2013

The secret of the seeds ?

Hi everyone! It's finally weekend! And guess what? It's post time! And i'm sure some of you were looking forward to this post because of my announcement on Facebook saying this would be the post were i would reveal the ultimate secret of getting free seeds right ? :) So i guess you're really excited ? Well i'm sorry but i will have to disappoint you cause there seems to be a little change in the plans ........ 
You see, when seeds first came out , the ones that  were able  to get a bonus  would also get a second package of the same seed! And i hadn't realy gotten a bonus since then ... so i thought i could use a trick based on that to get as many free seeds as i want! So imagine how disappointed i felt yesterday when i finally harvested my plant with the bonus and discovered that things have changed! So now instead of a second seed package you get another random item ...... So yeah the post is ruined! BUT!I might be able to make things a little better! So instead of telling you how to get many free seeds i'l tell you how to get a bonus without the help of your friends (well kinda .. you'll see what i mean ). 
But first i got to warn you! This is something really .                     time-consuming so if you are impatient then i don't suggest you try it! 
But it is worth giving it a try!And because it is a little complicated i also made a video with the instructions being demonstrated and put it on the botttom of the post! Before you just watch it read the instructions cause the video i missing a part of what you have to do!
So here we go!
Have you noticed that to fill the bonus for a 3-day seed , a five -day one or a six-day one you need either lots of friends to sing to your plants or friends that would spend one hour or more just trying to fill the bonus bar ? And it's really hard to find that many friends or a friend that would spend so much time wasting pixie dust on somebody else's plants! So i got a small trick for you :P
What you have to do to get the bonuses whenever you like is :

Create another account! Yes you heard me right! You have to create another fairy or sparowman !

level up with your new pixie! Reach a level were you will have earned  a considerable amount of pixie dust and some cookies to restore it .

Now leave the tab you have opened ( and that you use to play through your second acount ) as it is , and open a second tab. Go to the website of Pixie Hollow and log off. Now log in with your other account (the original one , the one you had first ) .
So if this works you will have logged in with two different fairies/sparowmen at the same time , but from different accounts!

Switch from tab to tab to move the two fairies/sparowmen. Make them be at the same server and make them meet each other at the same meadow.

Add the other fairy/sparowman so that they are friends!

Now go to the garden of the fairy/sparowman  you want to get the bonus,  with both fairies/sparowmen by going to your garden with the first fairy/sparowman  and make the second fly to her/him.

Use the second fairy/sparowman you had created to sing to the other's plants! Wait for at least 4 minits or more and sing again. Repeat that again and again untill the bonus bar fills completely!

And do that with as many plants as you wish whenever you wish to! :) When the time comes harvest them and get the bonus ;) And because i know this is all a litlle complicated i made a video for you! Here :

Well that's all i got to say! I hope this help and sorry if you were disappointed! Seems like my trik doesn't work anymore :(

Untill my next post! Happy Flapping~ :)

~Crystal Airshine 

Copyright Disclaimer:I do not own Pixie Hollow Online or anything affiliated with it.All rights go to Disney and the game's original creators

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hey there pixies! I discovered something really intresting today!!! :) it's the new summer glitch!!! yay! Some of you may know it but it's not really well know yet! So that's why i'm here !! :P
This is a glitch for members only 
(sorry my dear free players! :/ )
So members you must have seen the new gift at the ballroom right ? :) It's a ducky tube!

 But did you know that if once you get it you sign up again for camp pixie dust after you got one you will get another one ?Repeat that and you will get a ton of those ducks :p!!!

Haha! And i got to admit it's a really funny accesorie :P!
if you know any other glitches or secrets that work right now please e-mail me at! I will check it out! If your info is valid i will post your e-mail :But you can also e-mail me to send me feedback and ideas about the blog!!!
~Crystal  Airshine 

Copyright disclaimer:I do not own Pixie Hollow Online or anything affiliated with it.All rights go t Disney and the game's creators.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to build up a gardrarobe in Pixie Hollow as a non-member!

Hello pixies!
 I'm back for my new post~! But this time i'm really in a hurry! So there might be many grammar or vocabulairy mistakes on the post cause i'm typing like super fast right now and i might as well miss some parts!!! But i will edit this as soon as i get the chance to! 
Ok so today i am gonna show you some tips on how to build up your gardarobe even as a non-member.If you are an experienced player you most propably know all of these tricks.BUT you got to know that these tips are seriously time-consuming, so don't expect to build a wardrobe just like that overnight. 

What do you have to do ?
Fisrt thing's first: SAVE UP DIAMONDS!
Most of the times i used to spend all my diamonds on postcards and stuff for best friends and boyfriends on Pixie Hollow. DO NOT DO THAT! YOU NEED THESE DIAMONDS!TRUST ME! DON'T SPEND THEM CARELESSLY!!!

Ok so what's next? 
If you have just started building your wardrobe you're gonna be in need of some clothes! So all you have to do is  scroll down the page of this blog and find the post with all the secret codes that work!Redeem all the codes that are for clothes and accesories 
(and the rest if you want ...). When you redeem them you will get  a yellow top and a mathching skirt! (from clothes ) . 
So what i suggest is to dye them.BUT. don't spend any diamonds for dyes! What you are gonna do is basically level up and earn many different dyes. 
(i have spent many of the dyes i earned on dying my clothes )

Then you can use one of these or since you will have some diamonds to spend buy one if you are not pleased! Then you will have a great outfit! Now you should continue on saving up diamonds. Many times there are  "sales" on the clothes stores so you might be able to get something half the prize. But i don't know when  the next sales period is or if there is going to be once again ?

Ok , so you should all know that the cheapest way to get cute clothes is of course..... SEEDS!

 Now once you have saved up enough diamonds you can buy 3 seeds : one for a top, another for a skirt, and for shoes. This will become your first outfit.

 (Don't forget to ask from your friends to sing to them so that you can get a second package or more for free!!!! ) And try not to accidentally delete them like i stupidlly did... (yeah that's a thing i'm still mad about :P!!!)
If the peaces don't match you can use 3 diamonds and 3 dyes from the  ones you've earned by levelling up to dye them and make a great mathcing outfit.! So that's basically all you can do!and unfortunately you will have to repeat this over and over and ... over again so that you will be able to build up a wardrobe!!!And litlle by litlle more clothes will be added in your collection!



*Extra tip :
(Doesn't work for everyone but you can give it a shot!)
So once you clear all the talent levells there will be no way for you to gain more diamonds. So if you still want clothes for your fairy create a second account. Do not spend any diamonds on that fairy and keep on levelling up and earning diamonds. So that is the part that doesn't really work for everyone.. :
Once you have a considerable amount of diamonds open two tabs. In the one  you will logg in with the fairy you have cleared the game and in the second one with the second fairy i just mentioned. Switch from tab to tab and make the two fairies meet and befriend each other. This way you can now use the second fairy to buy things from the post office and send them to the other one! 
so that's it! Well it worked for me so.... good luck with it!
 Now that's all for now! Happy flapping!

~Crystal Airshine

Copyright Disclaimer:I do not own Pixie Hollow Online or anything affiliated with it.All rights go to their rightful owners.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

A fun day!♪\(*^▽^*)/

Sutarday was such a fun day! Why? Well first of all i made an amazing fairy friend named Ivy! She's so great! ^^ ... You see, that day i created the blog's official Facebook Page!!!This is really great since it will give more pixies the chance to get to know better about my blog! :) And Ivy was also as kind as to help me and make the page better known! Ins't she just great!? ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ And i made my first 3D pixie hollow fairy for Ivy!ᵔᴥᵔ

what do you think? well it didn't turn out as i would like it ◪_◪ since ..oh well it was my first time acually making one!!! 
But seriously who'd knew that it was so hard to make one? But she likes it so that's more than enough for me!! (°∀°)
Now enough bragging about my new amasing friend...
So pixies if you have a Facebook account don't forget to like the blog's page!

There you can find all the latest blog's news and some extras .. :P ! (*^ -^*)

And if you are intrested you should really join Ivy's group 
Pixie Hollow Populars!

And today i met Pearl and Juniper! They are great too! Making friends sure is nice! I had a great time with Pearl acting in a theatrical play and going "window -shopping" à la Pixie Hollow sure was fun!!! :)Well that's all for now!
See you! And Happy Garden Tea Parties!

~Crystal Airshine

Ⓒ17/6/13 Crystal Airshine

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Free Furniture Tips (FOR NON-MEMBERS)

Hello everyone! I'm back for my post of the weekend!! :) This time i'm gonna explain how to get free furniture for your fairy home. So if you are an experienced player like me ,you most likely know this trick! But most of the newbies don't know this so i' gonna tell you either way! And of course i hope it will help you!!
So most of my non-members friends when they enter my fairy home ask me this question : Wow, how did you get your home to have furniture except from the  basic one did you buy it?
The answere is : Three items are from secret codes, there are also the basic ones, a plant i bought and the rest well...... they are from quests!!! Although non-members can't usually do any quests, there is one basic quest for non members by Tink, Silvermist,Fawn,Rosetta and Iridessa. When you complete those quests you get an item for your fairy home! If i remember right you get a mirror from Silvermist, a can from Tinkerbelle,
a pillow from Fawn ,a flowery swing from Rosetta and curtains from Iridessa. I may be mistaken on who gives what but these are the items you are able to get! And they make your home look much better since it's not that empty right?
Here are pics of the items!

Different talents get them in different colours ! For example me as a water talent got them in blue, while a garden fairy will get them in a pinkish red or just pink and a light fairy in yellow colours. That's for all of them except from the pillow wich is given red to all fairy-talents. I just died it blue to match the rest of the furniture.... :P
 And in the end your home looks far better see:

It's not that empty anymore is it? Well good luck with the quests ! Don't worry they are easy!!
When you get all of the furniture please take a screenshot of your home and send it to me!in (
I'd love to see how you chose to decorate it! If the pics are nice i will also post them in the gallery or in a new post!!
I hope i helped you! See you soon!
~Crystal Airshine 

Copyright Disclaimer:I do not own Pixie Hollow Online or anything affiliated with it.All rights go to their rightful owners.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sorry everyone!!....

Hello everyone! I'm really sorry i didn't post anything last weekend like promised but i was super busy and i still am! Actually right now i am literary exhausted.. i even fell tired as i type this...*sigh* well.. nothing can be done about this..... Anyays i just wanted to apologise and tell you that i will make a new post this weekend! I'm truly sorry! I know that a few people like my blog and must have felt a litlle disappointed. But i really had no time... :(  BUT   i'm gonna post something new soon as i said before look forward to it!^^
thanks and sorry!!
~Crystal Airshine 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pixie Hollow Tips for diamonds

HELLO EVERYONE!Hapy June! Have a nice summer!!!How are you doing?Hope you're all great! Well this time i'm going to tell you some tips on getting diamonds on pixie hollow.These tips are for members and free players! I know most of you may know this but this may help others! I hope this helps you even a litlle bit.... :) 

ⒸDisney,All rights reserved

So..non-members.... i know you DESPERATELY want diamonds right? So you must have propably seen all these videos on youtube with diamond generators..were you can get manyyy diamonds right? So i guess right now you're excited and believe i will give you the link to a diamonds generator right?SORRY BUT THE ANSWERE IS NO  ....
It has been prooved that all these website claiming that will give you free diamonds hack your account or give your personnal informationa and account info to strangers.SO DO NOT GIVE YOUR ACCOUNT INFO TO ANYONE AND DO NOT TRUST THESE WEBSITES!!!!!!!!!!!
Except for them there are also certain hacks on youtube right?Well they do work but you will only end up banned for pixie hollow God knows for how long...and you will be left with no diamonds or membership even if you had one fair and don't try these things.So what can you do?
Well as you know you have to play games to level up and get diamonds right? So my tip is on how to make it less boring! Each time you want to level up play all the mini-gmaes at least 2 times and try all the different levels.The variety of the games will make it less boring and you mind realise you like some other games more than you thought.Except from that you should also go on scouting at the wilderness with many of your friends and have fun .Not only you will earn points and ingredients but it will also be a really nice adventure!Last but not least try all the levels at the crafting stores and go on quests.I know you won't getmany points with these but they are fun and because you do something else than just playing games it wil be more fun to level up!!!!

ⒸDisney,All rights reserved

My dear for you,you can also use the tips i gave to the free-players but as members except from the fact that you get a speccific ammount of diamonds for free each month you also have another great advantage. You can always trade ingredients for what do i suggest?
Organise an ingredients gathering contest with your friends.Go to different meddows and compete on who will gather the most.You can also change servers to gather more ingredients and remember to go mostly to the crowded ones! The more pixies there are the more ingrediends you will find!And it will also be really fun!!!
I suggest that you mostly gather lilies,ivy,acorns and mapple leafs and any other ingredient with a high value!!!
AND EVERYONE CAN ALWAYS PARCHASE DIAMONDS IN THE SALES PERIOD WHEN THE PRIZES ARE MUCH LOWER!!!!If i remember right last year there were sales at this time of the year..i hope there will be again!!!
Well that's all i can do! I REALLY hope i helped you! If you found my tips helpfull comment,become a member of the blog (for free!), join us by news letter or share this with your friends by Facebook,Twitter,Google+ and e.c.t
Thank you for reading  and happy flapping!

~Crystal Airshine

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