Monday, May 27, 2013

Handmade tinkerbelle earrings

Hello it's me again!!! Today was such a creative day! I guess i was inspired by yesterday's visit by Fawn? :) maybe!
And guess what i made today! Earrings! that's right! You see many years ago i had bought some pens with tinkerbelle on them. Unfortunately Tink wasn't glued well on them so she stuck out of them! So today i turned them into earrings!!!!
what do you think? :)
~Crystal Airshine

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hello everyone it's me Crystal! I got an idea from my previous posts concerning ..well you know love on pixie hollow! So i created the first activity for readers ever! A creative writting contest! For more info on how to enter and what it is about please follow the link bellow:

~Crystal Airshine 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flirting on Pixie Hollow. ALERTS!

So hi again! i'm back with a new post! So i have to say something, i feel a litlle embarassed and a kinda brave for writting this post.... haha geez i must be the first person who is blogging about pixie hollow to write such a thing! I mean on pixie hollow everyone chats with their friends about their "experiences" but never outside the hollow!Well as you can propably understand this is a post about ...ehm well you know... flirting on pixie hollow! Yep that's right! So i know that everyone does that on Pixie Hollow it is propably the reason most of the people play this game.... But although it is pretty fun there are certain things you have to know,some "ALERTS!!!". Now let me list them for you!
Ok , so let's beggin with classic stuff your parents would say like " you don't know with whom you're talking to" and stuff like that. Well for those who when they hear that think "yeah whatever" let me tell you that it is true and that you do really have to be carefull not to give  too much personal info. Well pixie hollow doesn't allow that anyways (for example you can't type whatever you want) , but there is a "code" sort of like a secret language that some personnes have inveted ( i am one of the persones that know how to use it actually) with wich you can say whatever you want on pixie hollow,so if you know it you should be carefull how you use it!
Now another thing is (and girls this is something you have to be carefull of!) many boys who play pixie hollow are actually girls that just wanna make fun of unaware girls..... ( i was actually shocked to find out how many of the guys that had hitted on me were propably girls, and it's not that i have any problem with girls that prefere you know.. the same gender but i LIKE guys so........) So girls, when you add a sparrowman on your friend's list you should click on him to check out if for example  the account has 2 fairies ( a male and a female , that usually means he is a girl) , also many guys who are members are usually girls playing.. but don't take that for granted! There are also male players that buy membership!
Don't get your hopes up when you meat someone you "like" most of the boyes and girls usually flirt with a bunch of different players..or lie to impress you and stuff like that ( actually it has happened many times to me that while i am chatting with a guy a(and he is obviously heating on me) a jealous girlfriend appears....)
When you break up with someone or youjust don't like him/her don't be rude. Be as much polite as possible. That's for two reasons: First it would be mean to hurt someone like that and secondly , they will surely report you so you wil have trouble (and then let me see you trying to explain to the pixie hollow team the reason why you were repported..... )

so i guess that's all? well i'm also writting a post on my  love adventures and you better see it cause i'm announcing the first interactive activity for the readers!!!!!!!!!!

~Crystal Airshine

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The most known secret (not really) of all!

So hello again! This time i'm up with a silly post cause i'm bored... :P well you have to wait till the weekend for the good stuff to come ! |◔◡◉|
Anyways this time i'm presenting you the most well known secret in the entirely hollow! But i got to admit that although i had heard of it i saw it for my self by accident today.. so i got a litlle excited ! ^^ So what's that "big" secret! It's the snow angel fo course! If you go at the cilly falls and sit on a spesiffic spot a snow angel will appear! yay! are you shocked?(*≗*) well propably not!

~Anyways loof forward to my posts this weekend ok? Don't forget to check the blog and you might as well visit the New/Announcements of the blog tab on the top of the page!!

~Till then Happy Flapping!
 ~Crystal Airshine!              

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NEW FEATURES! ✌♫♪˙❤‿❤˙♫♪✌

Hey pixies! Did you notice? There are new features on the blog! a new cursor:

 and a purpple  snow effect :


 what do you think aren't they cute ?? (◕‿◕✿)

~Crystal Airshine

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

❀ Butterflies at the Hollow! ❀

OMG! I DON'T BELIEVE THIS! there are finally butterflies at the hollow! There was a way to have one before (but it's a different and smaller one .. if you want i can post something related on how to get one of these! ) i'm so excited! can't wait to get my membership!!
what do you think? leave a comment and tell me!
~Crystal Airshine

Monday, May 20, 2013

ღ i made a promotional video ! ღ

I made a promotional video for the blog! I made it in a hurry but at least i hope this way i can get some more people to read my blog!!!
What do you think? B y the way i have some great ideas for my new posts! Can't wait until weekend to come!! (●*∩_∩*●)

~Crystal Airshine

Saturday, May 18, 2013

♥♥How to get a free pixie hollow membership! ♥♥

So from the title i guess it's pretty obvious that this is a post on HOW TO GET A FREE MEMBERSHIP! YAYYYYY!!!!
What do you need to do? Well simple! Just read this post!
So some weeks ago my best friend discovered an amazing website called Loot Palace wich offers you the oportunity to purchase for free any gift card you can imagine! There is really a wide variety of prizes you can ge and it's really ease and simple to get them!

So how does this work?
It's simple! All you have to do is become a member of the website, gain points by doing easy and fun offers,tasks and much more , and after gaining enough you'll be able to trade them for a FREE MEMBERSHIP! too good to be truth huh? well it's totally real! Remember the freind i was talking about? She is now a member.... 

Is it efficient and safe? Does it really work?
You bet it does ! From what i know it has worked for 4.935 personnes.... do you still have doubts? well i give you my word that it DOES work! And you don't need to worry! It's completely safe and the stuff are trust-worthy. When you finish with the hole process you will just receive a membership code, so you don't have to be afraid that your account will be hacked or that your personnal information will be leaked out.

Is this a cheat/hack? I mean how do you get a membership for free?
It's not a cheet neither a hack! Loot Palace actually PAYS for your membership! It's the reward for your services.

What do you have to do to gain points? Is it time consuming? Is it boring or  hard to do?
You can gain points by doing noumerous activities wich can be real fun trust me! You can for example gain points by watching videos, getting a high score at any of the games available at the game page of the site, participate in fun contest, take part in social games (wich i really like, especially the Thar be Treasure game wich is more like a points giveaway...),completting offers wich isn't time consuming or boring at all (you can even get points for playing a game on Facebook), completing some surveys or completing tasks. The best is that if you reffer a  new member to the website you get 10% of what they gain for life!!! yeah it's true (you practically gain points by doing nothing!!!!)

Does it take long to gain enough points?
That depends on the points you need for a prize, how active you are and what kind of methods you use to gain points. But i can assure you that it normally doesn't take long, so you'll have what you want in no time at all! Just think that when you register you get 1.040 points and every 24 hours you log in you get 15 points as a gift!!
I'm already really close to get enough points for a membership!!!

Is there any technical support?
Yes there is! There are also many wallkthroughs and turtorials and even a public chat were friendly members will help you find you way out of your problem!And you can always contact the stuff to ask for help! They will gladly help you!

So if i definetely reccomend that you join here and now :
and for more details watch this video:
if you have any questions feel free to ask me !

well that's all for now!

~Crystal Airshine  Free gift cards

A secret medow ?

Hello everyone i'm back with a new post yay! are you excited?no...well whatever cause i'm gonna make you fell really excited with thius one (litlle) secret....So as i have aid MANY times this is not a secret for everyone...actually it's a secret only for those who didn't get the chance to play pixie hollow during winter.Why is that? well for those who don't know or don't understand please let me explain this for you!Ok so during winter there was an event to celebrate Periwinkle's arrival and the animal crossing so there was a quest (for free players and members! {◕ ◡ ◕} ) organised by Tink  and by passing it you would automaticly get the key to enter the frosty forest wich was located at Evergreen Overlook  . Now it doesn't excist anymore but it was so cool! There was also a special edittion silly sweets shop  called "Spike's sweet shop
the frozen lake!!
the catalog at spike's sweet shop! (somme of the sweets)
the forest...
spike's sweet shop:

the entrance to the forest:
 " were you could get silly sweets that changed the colour of your wings! Unfortunately it doesn't excist anymore but we all hope it will be back this winter! 
so here i attach some pics and the video of the quest and the frosty forest!!!!
P.S: If you like this blog please tell your friends.familly or fellow pixie hollow players! thanks!!!

watch the video to get a complete tour:
it was private until now so that you guys see it first so it only has 2 views lol |◔◡◉|
well that's all fo now see you guys!!
~Crystal Airshine

Sunday, May 12, 2013

☆ ♫Announcement ♫ ☆

Hello pixie pals! This is just an announcement.I felt like letting you know when to expect new posts, so i'll do my best to post something new every weekend  but sometimes there might be a delay cause it's not always easy to descover new secrets. However i'll do whatever i can to please you! So that's all, now you can be expecting to hear from me the next weekend!
So see ya! (◕‿◕✿)
~Crystal Airshine ✿ܓ

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New post nothing to do so i'm blogging!

Ok so it's not big news or anything really, but  here is another little secret i'd like to share with you, (it's not really a "secret" though o.o.. ), but as i said i am going to start by revealing you  the trivial ones before i get to the juicy stuff :) so... here we go)
Did you know that a while ago the Pixie Hollow Stuff added a new feature? For those who didn't know yet,t for some days now, the Hollow has actually had a different weather!!! yay! ◃┆◉◡◉┆▷ 
Not so exciting huh?;_;
Well i know, but I think it's pretty cool ! Until now i've also seen a rainy weather and even a Rainbow! ( i actually got really excited over therainbow so i even got a screenshot of it XD)
This is Daphne Moondrop my second fairy!(that you can see in the picture) 
And you may as well go ahead and laugh at me for getting so excited over something so trivial.. but oh well that's me!! |◔◡◉| )
If you have also taken any screenshots of the different weather please comment and send me a link of the picture! 

Well except from this, i have no other secrets for you AT THE MOMENT! 
BUT. i will have a lot more for you soon (be sure about that 3:D) so STAY TUNED!! (●⌒∇⌒●)
P.S:Please don't hate me for getting bored because of this post,i didn't say my posts would always be exciting... wait a sec .. did i?

ANYWAYS SEE YA! (I better end this post here cause i think i am starting to bubble about nonsense  which is not very good.... ◪_◪ )
~Crystal Airshine

✿ܓPixie Hollow Secret Codes 2013 ✿ܓ

Hello there this is already my second post in a few minits .. ( yeah i couldn't wait.... \ᇂ_ᇂ\ .... what can i say?i guess i'm pretty excited?)
So.. this post is about the new secret codes!I have searched and searched so manh hours on the internet to find codes that actually work... so , so that you won't need to do the same thing i gathered up some here for you!! {◕ ◡ ◕} ( yeah i know.. i'm great right ? :P ت )
So here are the codes!!!


Bloom(you get a silly sweets seed pack)
Flower(you get a rose petals silly sweet)

406060 (you get a rose cami in yellow)
547694(you get a poppy skirt in yellow)

585047(you get a stargazer pendant)
106510(you get the leaf bloom necklace)
293015(you get a freezia flower headband)
767130(you get a freezia flower wristband)
fashion(you get a purpple flower wirstband)
572031(you get the freezia flower anklet)
derby (you get an animal race headwear)

book (you get  a shelf with books)
D23 (you get a lucky charm flowers)
499840 (you get an acorn ketlle)


Well that'all the codes for now ٩(^‿^)۶ bye for now!
P.S:If you have any other codes please don't hesitate to comment!

~Crystal Airshine ✿ܓ

❀ First Post on my brand new blog! yay!! ♥

Ok so as you may have figured out from the blog's name this is a blog about litlle secrets of the online world of Pixie Hollow !!!!There are going to be many juicy posts,videos and activities for the future fans of the blog (since it's a brand new blog and i DON'T HAVE ANY FANS YET... ˘˛˘ )  .Anyways,i'm so excited (°∀°),i don't know from were should i start first...... hm ... but maybe i should start with litlle secrets before i reveal the a REALLY big one (。◕‿◕。) .
Are you wondering what it may be ? Well stay tuned because there are going to be lots of surprizing posts ( i hope ....◑.◑ ) .
Well that's all for now.See ya ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
~Crystal Airshine