Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flirting on Pixie Hollow. ALERTS!

So hi again! i'm back with a new post! So i have to say something, i feel a litlle embarassed and a kinda brave for writting this post.... haha geez i must be the first person who is blogging about pixie hollow to write such a thing! I mean on pixie hollow everyone chats with their friends about their "experiences" but never outside the hollow!Well as you can propably understand this is a post about ...ehm well you know... flirting on pixie hollow! Yep that's right! So i know that everyone does that on Pixie Hollow it is propably the reason most of the people play this game.... But although it is pretty fun there are certain things you have to know,some "ALERTS!!!". Now let me list them for you!
Ok , so let's beggin with classic stuff your parents would say like " you don't know with whom you're talking to" and stuff like that. Well for those who when they hear that think "yeah whatever" let me tell you that it is true and that you do really have to be carefull not to give  too much personal info. Well pixie hollow doesn't allow that anyways (for example you can't type whatever you want) , but there is a "code" sort of like a secret language that some personnes have inveted ( i am one of the persones that know how to use it actually) with wich you can say whatever you want on pixie hollow,so if you know it you should be carefull how you use it!
Now another thing is (and girls this is something you have to be carefull of!) many boys who play pixie hollow are actually girls that just wanna make fun of unaware girls..... ( i was actually shocked to find out how many of the guys that had hitted on me were propably girls, and it's not that i have any problem with girls that prefere you know.. the same gender but i LIKE guys so........) So girls, when you add a sparrowman on your friend's list you should click on him to check out if for example  the account has 2 fairies ( a male and a female , that usually means he is a girl) , also many guys who are members are usually girls playing.. but don't take that for granted! There are also male players that buy membership!
Don't get your hopes up when you meat someone you "like" most of the boyes and girls usually flirt with a bunch of different players..or lie to impress you and stuff like that ( actually it has happened many times to me that while i am chatting with a guy a(and he is obviously heating on me) a jealous girlfriend appears....)
When you break up with someone or youjust don't like him/her don't be rude. Be as much polite as possible. That's for two reasons: First it would be mean to hurt someone like that and secondly , they will surely report you so you wil have trouble (and then let me see you trying to explain to the pixie hollow team the reason why you were repported..... )

so i guess that's all? well i'm also writting a post on my  love adventures and you better see it cause i'm announcing the first interactive activity for the readers!!!!!!!!!!

~Crystal Airshine


  1. I'm only 10 so my mom doesnt let me hang with the sparrow men

    1. Well yeah i can see why .. Well don't worry cause real "sparrow" man are far better .. :P and it is true that you don't really know who you're talking to on Pixie Hollow ..

  2. yeah one time I was at a sparrow mans house and I was with my other friend who is a girl she was going to get a dress (because we loved to always match!) And then the guy started to hit on me i was like um what?!!?!?! and she came back and i whispered to her '' He was putting heart' we just left but we always would mess around and see what would happen if we played along!

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