Saturday, May 18, 2013

A secret medow ?

Hello everyone i'm back with a new post yay! are you excited?no...well whatever cause i'm gonna make you fell really excited with thius one (litlle) secret....So as i have aid MANY times this is not a secret for everyone...actually it's a secret only for those who didn't get the chance to play pixie hollow during winter.Why is that? well for those who don't know or don't understand please let me explain this for you!Ok so during winter there was an event to celebrate Periwinkle's arrival and the animal crossing so there was a quest (for free players and members! {◕ ◡ ◕} ) organised by Tink  and by passing it you would automaticly get the key to enter the frosty forest wich was located at Evergreen Overlook  . Now it doesn't excist anymore but it was so cool! There was also a special edittion silly sweets shop  called "Spike's sweet shop
the frozen lake!!
the catalog at spike's sweet shop! (somme of the sweets)
the forest...
spike's sweet shop:

the entrance to the forest:
 " were you could get silly sweets that changed the colour of your wings! Unfortunately it doesn't excist anymore but we all hope it will be back this winter! 
so here i attach some pics and the video of the quest and the frosty forest!!!!
P.S: If you like this blog please tell your friends.familly or fellow pixie hollow players! thanks!!!

watch the video to get a complete tour:
it was private until now so that you guys see it first so it only has 2 views lol |◔◡◉|
well that's all fo now see you guys!!
~Crystal Airshine

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