Saturday, May 11, 2013

New post nothing to do so i'm blogging!

Ok so it's not big news or anything really, but  here is another little secret i'd like to share with you, (it's not really a "secret" though o.o.. ), but as i said i am going to start by revealing you  the trivial ones before i get to the juicy stuff :) so... here we go)
Did you know that a while ago the Pixie Hollow Stuff added a new feature? For those who didn't know yet,t for some days now, the Hollow has actually had a different weather!!! yay! ◃┆◉◡◉┆▷ 
Not so exciting huh?;_;
Well i know, but I think it's pretty cool ! Until now i've also seen a rainy weather and even a Rainbow! ( i actually got really excited over therainbow so i even got a screenshot of it XD)
This is Daphne Moondrop my second fairy!(that you can see in the picture) 
And you may as well go ahead and laugh at me for getting so excited over something so trivial.. but oh well that's me!! |◔◡◉| )
If you have also taken any screenshots of the different weather please comment and send me a link of the picture! 

Well except from this, i have no other secrets for you AT THE MOMENT! 
BUT. i will have a lot more for you soon (be sure about that 3:D) so STAY TUNED!! (●⌒∇⌒●)
P.S:Please don't hate me for getting bored because of this post,i didn't say my posts would always be exciting... wait a sec .. did i?

ANYWAYS SEE YA! (I better end this post here cause i think i am starting to bubble about nonsense  which is not very good.... ◪_◪ )
~Crystal Airshine


  1. yes me to i have always nodiced the climate change in pixie hollow and its the little things that always got my attention :)

    1. Cool! :))
      It's nice when people notice the small details ^^