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Less known pixie blogs you should definetly check out! ツ✌

Hey everybody! How you doing so far? I’m back with another post!! :D
Although,  this time it’s going to be kind of different. I’ve always thought of doing this post, but with all the things happening with Pixie Hollow, I never really got the chance to … :/
So, many of you guys read multiple other blogs about Pixie Hollow, most of which (if not all of them) are very well known! So I thought about introducing to you pixies, 2 new blogsand a not-so new but unfortunately not very well-known blog, and hopefully give a chance to these three amazing fairies, to become better known! They’re worth it after all :D
Starting I would like to introduce you to a new blog run by the very sweet Rose Morningmist, called “Pixie Hollow-Our Biggest Secret”, kinda catchy huh ?  XD

Rose, just completed her work on her blog , after months of working on it, and I am very proud to present it to you! However, there are still some technical difficulties that the blog’s going through, such as being able to access the blog only through a direct link.
So here is the link,  make sure to bookmark it until the problem is solved ,so that you can access it  ! J

The first thing I noticed when entering Rose’s blog, was how well organized it is! As I see it, it’s essential for a blog to be well-organized, in order for readers to be able to browse through it more easily! So good job with that Rose! ;)
What is more, the blog has multiple sections you can browse through such as:
·           Home
·         About Me
·         About The Blog
·         Art Gallery
·         Ask Rose
·         Links
·         Quotes
·         The PH Riddle

More specifically :
“Art Gallery” (This one I find , is an awesome thing to have in your blog ! J )

The  “Ask Rose” tab about Q&A  , is extremely useful for all those “lost” and confused pixies out there!
At the  “Links” tab, you can find the links to other pixies’ blogs , including mine :P
And finally:
The  “Quotes tab”  (First time seeing this in a pixie blog! Great idea, really interesting!)
And  …“The PH Riddle” ,a tab, where you can find a riddle on the ultimate secret of PH! J
Cool right ? ;)
 I managed to solve it! How about you? Did you find the answer? If yes, please comment below or on Rose’s blog :DMore posts are about to come soon in her blog, so everyone please check it out and maybe leave a comment to let her know we  support her in this new adventure! ;) (。◕‿◕。)


Now it’s time to move on to the next blog! This blog, is owned by the amazing Dew-Dew Pixie or just Dew-Dew, (her pen-name , also known as  Kool Kat XD and Angie  Stormfly ,) and is one of my VERY BEST friends on the Hollow! I love her so much, she’s awesome and I feel  awful for not having done this earlier :$
Anyways, back to the topic! Her blog  is named “The Pixie Diaries”, which is a very cute name for a pixie blog, don’t you think?
Angie or Dew-Dew, has started posting in this blog quite some time ago, and updates it very often! I really love the fact that she is still so full of excitement about her blog, and also  so active!
Here is the link to her blog :

 Isn’t her blog very cute? I think that’s SO important in a blog! It makes readers' stay more pleasant and much longer ;)
 Way to go Angie!!! XD

Also, in one of her posts, she includes a link to a second website with pixie prizes…I’m gonna be honest… I have no idea what exactly there’s going to be in there, but it seems interesting  so you might want to check it out for yourselves, and help her improve it :P

Now, moving on to a more serious version of this  review! :P
Her blog, is  organized  in different sections:
·                     Pixie News (Obviously…a tab about the latest news J )
·                     Introduction to your Pixie Writer ! (You know what this is .. :P )
·                     Fairy Art (Colorful fairy art from talented Pixies! )
·                     Pixie Stories ! (Angie’s own and very imaginative Pixie Hollow Fan fiction!, A must read! J )
·                     Pixie Poems ! (Again. Angie’s creations J )
·                     Pixie Closet Quiz ! (Fashion Contest and more ;) )
·                     Fairy Tale Theater (Memories of what once was the Fairy Tale Theater)

As you can see, Angie’s blog has a variety of different things you can check out, which always makes a blog more interesting J
Moving on, her blog is filled with cuteness, and on the right side you will find a mini-chat (inspired from my previous chat :P You copy-cat! :3 ) , some virtual pets (I had one like these two when the blog first started! They’re so adorable!!! ) , and much more tools!

Therefore, go check out Angie’s blog as well, she’s done and continues doing a great job, and is worth taking some time to look through it J If you like it, please leave  a comment  and give her your opinion on 
her blog ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Part 3
So…this one is kinda special! It’s about a cute little blog called “Pixie Hollow Plan”. It’s owned by one of my readers , Savanah Correa, a really adorable and really humorous fairy, that was inspired to make a blog of her own thanks to mine.! That alone, means so much to me! The fact that I inspired her to be creative! I think it’s amazing!No atually, i have no words to describe this feeling! ≧◡≦
Here is the link to her blog:

Savanah’s blog, is still new, so it’s not really known or advanced with all those features big blogs have. L However, I find her posts short but informative, and I like the casual style she uses when writing. Also, I really like one of her posts on  a crazy dream she had when PH closed down… it’s hilarious, you should definitely check it out!XD

Savanah’s a bit of newbie to this, so let’s all be kind to her, cause I’m sure that in the near future, she’s going to gain more experience and become an awesome blogger ^_^. After all...we all have to start from somewhere!Right ? :)
Thank you for always supporting the blog Savanah 
 Everyone, please leave a comment on Savanah’s blog. Her posts are very interesting and I’m sure she’ll be happy to see your opinion on them!

So that is it, for this article guys! What do you think Pixies? Did you l find it interesting ? Would you like me to suggest more new blogs in the future? If you are a new blog owner, feel free to  e-mail me a link, and if I like your blog I might feature it some time in the near future ;)
P.S: Another post with suggestions, is hopefully coming this week, although it’s not about blogs this time ;) Stay tuned to find out what it’s going to be! I think you’ll really like this next  one :D J
~Fly with you 


Ⓒ30/3/14 Crystal Airshine

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pixie Hollow's Rebirth?-The shattered pieces

Yes you read that right!Just read on~

Hey everyone!

 It’s been a really long time! Spring is here, and the blog is updated to match the mood! :D What do you think ?
This time I really went out and took a break from everything, including the blog.. and were a little late to fulfill my promise to you.
So today, as you can see, I have a brand new post for you my pixies!(GET READY THIS IS GONNA BE HUGE :D ),(*If you manage to get till the end of this post I’ll give you an ICE-CREAM xD ,) 
Ok so , back to the topic now! I know that everybody is really sad about  Pixie Hollow Closing down.. and is hoping for it to reopen…Now I know that the title of this post  has probably confused you a bit ..right
well let me explain!
Despite being “burnt”  down , Pixie Hollow has actually revived through its ashes! :D That’s what I meant by it “Rebirth”.
Still… Maybe not as a whole, but that’s where the shattered pieces part comes in!
I’ve noticed everywhere (well almost everywhere..) in the web,  little parts of our favorite game, and  today I am going to introduce them to you!  I know how much you miss our beloved Pixie Hollow, so these “pieces” a.k.a games, will give you a bit of the feeling, wich that game used to give you ….

“The First piece”
2016 UPDATE!:

Hey guys! I'm in the very happy position to say that since the beggining of summer 2016 FairyABC -Pixie Hollow's Recreation- works once again and Pixie Hollow is REVIVED/BACK !
(The game is nothing like it was in 2015.Now it's a lot like the original!)

-click on the images-

The game is an amature project and still a work in progress so you might encounter some problems...In that case this post will be super helpful to get you started!:

On the blog's main page you can also find the latest updates for the game!
What follows is what I wrote back in 2014.You can just skip to the second piece if you want,just scroll down ;)
This is a video, I discovered just today, since I really had cut off most connections with any Pixie Hollow related stuff these months… . So it is a video on Youtube by Izzy Foxstone, giving us a bit of an info and a small preview, of the game .this now “famous” fellow  sparrow- man by the name of Wind Muddle, together with his friend Apple tried to make, this new Pixie Hollow, everybody was talking about these months after Pixie Hollow closed down! :D 

Unfortunatly, the website is unavailable for now as they are adding new features, and so I haven’t got to try it for myself and therefore won’t be able to tell you much on this L However I’ve got to say a HUGE bravo to Wind Muddle and Apple for taking up such a great and amazingly HARD project! To find out more here is the link to their facebook page:

and the link to  the video, so check for yourself:
And this is also another related video I found :
As you can see it looks very much like Pixie Hollow, but the fairies are a lot bigger xD

(The pictures above were taken from Wind's and Apple's  Facebook Page)

“The Second piece”
2016 UPDATE!:
I'd just like to add here Rose Morningmist's recreation of Pixie Hollow on Worlize.Many people have recreated it on that website but I find Rose's version is by far the best one:

NOTE:In order for the link to work you have to already be logged in to Worlize!

Sneak Peak of Rose's PH:

                                        (click on the images for full size)

This is also  something really interesting and worth mentioning,similar to the first game I mentioned above, and it’s  something I “discovered”  thanks to this blog’s very own comment section! So BIG THANKS to Ethereal Spark for making that comment! She has actually tried to recreate the game, using  an app called   Worliz that lets you create your own online world! I think it is very nice  and she really worked hard for it! I visited it myself, and I found a few fairies hanging around there! 

Although I kinda failed to make my avatar the right size so I’m a bit ….  huge! XD (and the wings are a fail too -.-) .OK so in avatar is a fail ... but who cares, i'll work on that....someday!..maybe 0.0

Therefore I think you guys should spread the word! This is the link to her “Pixie Hollow” :
If this link doesn't work then you can go ahead and try the link in the description of this video:

Also here is the blog of the Worlize Pixie Hollow:
They are actually organising a party on May 17th! :P (For more info visit their blog!)

So...I decided to do a little review of this little version of PH! :D
Now..i won’t lie to you…don’t expect this to be like Pixie Hollow as we knew it. 
Since, something like that is EXTREMLY hard to make, exceeding  a fan’s abilities…
But I tried making my own world there too,(not a fairy –one though :P ) and I can assure you it needs a LOT hard work to make one. Anyways, back to the review.
First things first, Ethereal Spark has made a great job creating all the meadows and using the same soundtrack for them as the one used in the game! Awesome, you go girl! (You can find all the meadows at the map, wich is the same as in the normal Pixie Hollow :D )Although the backgroung has been altered a bit by trying to make it the right size...but it's the thought that matters,right ? :) :P.
 And as you enter every new place you can also watch a related video from Youtube! :D
Here you can see Dewdrop Vale, and i have on an different avatar that i got in Queen's Boutique :P

She has also recreated the shops , where you can get a pre-made fairy avatar,(most of avatars are really well made :) , and of course it's totally free! :D

 Otherwise, everyone can upload their own fairy-avatar, and that could even be the picture of the fairy or sparrowman  you used to own in PH! :O! (Although here ,I have to mention that you would have to use Photoshop or GIMP and ect , to make  its background  transparent, and stuff like that)
Now another great thing is that you can of course chat with other fairies! :D Wich means that you can have a place where you and your friends can meet up again! J
However the bad news  is that you can’t really own a fairy home,it only exists there as a place and all the fairy homes are kind of.. how do i say this :P.... well see for yourself :

 However, you can always create your own  fairy room in your  own world! :D And you might not be able to play the same games as in PH, but that would be too much to ask anyways :P !
So that’s pretty much it, I’ll let you explore the rest for yourself! :D Everyone can also comment below and maybe propose some things Ethereal Spark could try adding in, in the game, and I shall contact her and let her know! :D

“The Third Piece”
UPDATE 2016:
I think most people already know this by now but "Harvest Hustle" one of Pixie Hollow's minigames is back!How awesome is that ? :D
Just click below to play ;)

"The Fourth Piece" 
So this one, had caused quite an uproar and excitement back when Pixie Hollow had closed down. It is no other than  -as most of us call it-  “The Asian /Chinese Pixie Hollow”, although its name in Chinese is actually translated as “Litlle Flower Fairy” .

Now this is not really Pixie Hollow, but a Chinese game that has many common features with out Pixie Hollow. It is actually really cool from what I’ve been told and from what I’ve seen in videos my friends recorded, but personally when I tried to play it I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON. That is of course no wonder since..erm the game is in Chinese and I might speak English,.. French and Greek.. but I don’t speak any Chinese so… I was totally lost there.. 
Despite that if you are Chinese, or speak Chinese you should definitely  give it a try! :D And if you’re a fan of Manga and Anime you will definitely find this cute! ^^ Otherwise, you could go through the trouble of watching some tutorials on how it works..but that’s gonna be a bit tiring !(Seriously.. it's a a real pain -.- )
Well, whatever, here is the link for those interested:
Some tutorials:


“The Fifth piece”
One day, I was wandering around the official  "Disney Fairies" website , and discovered this (once new ) , game called "Pixie Party Couture".

When you enter the game you are “invited to the Purple Moon Party” from the rest of the famous fairies,

and so you have to mix-match some random clothes in a matching “cards” game and create outfits.

 In the game you gain extra points by making some “combos” or getting extra talent points by matching the clothes that belong to a fairy from a specific talent like so:
 Tinker talent bonus

Water talent bonus.

    Fast flying fairy bonus.

By gaining points, you level up and gain Credits with which you can buy clothes for your fairy’s wardrobe.

Except from the clothes and accessories though ,you can’t really personalize your fairy which is pretty disappointing, but at least, I guess it reminds you a bit of how it was to dress your fairy up back when PH was open J

Finally you can alays print your fairy! :D

“The Sixth Piece”
2016 UPDATE!:
You may or may not know this but "Create a Fairy" UK doesn't work anymore! :(
Fortunately you can still play the game on the french website,it's pretty much the same:
                                                                 -click on the image-

The only difference you might encounter is with the names,because some words are in French...Well it's not a bid deal.Let me know If you'd like me to make an english tutorial though since I speak French (just comment below ^^)
Now this is something you ALL know!(I think... 0.0 )
 It is of course as many of you call it “The UK’s Pixie Hollow”, actually the game is called “Create a Fairy” and can be found on the U.K version  of the website.
(NOTE!: Let me mention here, that for this game too, you need an account in the uk website ,in order for your changes to be saved!!! )

The game, offers you the chance to get a bit of a taste from the old Hollow. It allows you to choose a talent,

 customize a fairy exactly like in the Old Pixie Hollow, by changing its skin, hair, eyes ,wings and posture and of course its clothes! :D
Here take a look:

You can also, give it a name, using the same way as in PH! :p (I chose a random name here)

 Finally, you can customize your avatar's home, choosing from a small variety of furniture, but some really cute and magical ones! :D (In my opinion at least .. )

When you’re done with that ,you can always invite your friends to visit your page J And yes, you do have a Pixie Page, that looks almost exactly like the one you were used to!If you want to,you can visit mine here :D :

Now that was it for this post, hope you enjoyed  it and I’ll let you know if there’s any new of Ph reopening ! :D
(P.S:T o know when there's gonna be a new post, you could join the blog's newsletter or become a member, which is totally FREE)
Fly with you pixies later <3

Ⓒ21/3/14 Crystal Airshine