Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Information on Pixie Hollow's Closing Down

Hey there everyone!
 It’s me again and I’m back with some new information on Pixie Hollow’s Closing down as I promised in my previous post (if you haven’t read it, it’s about saving Pixie Hollow and how and it contains many information on its closing, click here : Pixie Hollow is Closing Down ! Let's save Pixie Ho...
 and for those who read it , i want to inform you it's updated! )

Now I know I should have done this earlier but I was really sad be cause of all this, so I wasn’t in the mood to post something new, Sorry everyone L ! Anyway! I have gather so many information for this new post that I really don’t know were to start from!

Ok, so fist of all I have to warn you, that Pixie Hollow doesn’t receive any messages any more. They cut down all the phone-lines that enabled people to contact them directly, and also their e-mail services are gone. So they have added automated messages, for e-mails and phone calls, so that we can’t complain! Plus contacting them through Facebook or Twitter is no longer possible L

Therefore we need to find another way to complain right? Well I found it for you! Or maybe I should Say Twilight Starsparkle (a Facebook friend of mine) found it for me! So did you know, that the one who decided to close down the three MMO games (Pixie Hollow, Toon Town and Pirates OF The Caribbean) is called Robert Iger? Well Twi , found his e-mail address , so you can go ahead, e-mail him and complain! Go get him Pixies! Here is his e-mail address: Robert.a.iger@Disney.com . Just remember not to be too mean with him! We don’t wanna make him ANGRY (although he really needs to be told a word or two …) but instead we have to hold back our anger and try politely to PERSUADE him not to close the Hollow. That’s the only way guys … And of course to sign the petition :P

Now, moving to the next subject… I have been seeing comments on my posts here and o Google, everywhere asking me for the REASON why the Hollow is closing. And you know what ? I just realized this! It’s not A reason it’s MANY REASONS. (Many of whom I’ve already told you in me previous post). So this is quite a complicated matter. And talking about causes and reasons, I heard this rumor lately on the Hollow’s closing down which seemed quite realistic to me. So as you know, in Pixie Hollow you get the chance to meet people of all ages from all around the world. But you see, some parents think this is dangerous (although everyone knows how safe the game is!) , so they overreacted. They sued Pixie Hollow! Yep that’s right! They took Disney to the courts and that must have been quite a problem for Disney, as they were in the verge of loosing a huge sum of money because of the sues. But that’s not the only rumor going around! According to a friend of mine whose father is responsible for eliminating viruses and bugs (in computers), her father was informed that one of Disney’s Virtual words, had been hacked by a very intense virus that could cause serious damage. Think of this. This could  actually be about those three games. If Disney couldn’t destroy the bug and it affected user’s PCs , that could prove to be disastrous for it! But most of the rumors say that it’s because of Club Penguin as I previously mentioned (in my other post ..) .And you know what they say about rumors right .. They always have a bit of truth hidden into them………
But for me the reason is money for sure! I mean that's all Disney cares about after all ..and it's pretty dissapointing :(

I also thought i'd share some Pixie Hollow memes with you concerning it's closing down :P!

So what do you think pixies? Share your opinion with me on the comments!And don't forget to check for new posts and updates cause there are a lot more comming up~

Ⓒ27/8/13  Crystal Airshine

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pixie Hollow is Closing Down ! Let's save Pixie Hollow! Let's stop it from closing!

Oh my god i don't believe this!I'M FURIOUS!

Not only do they take away from us our favourite game , but at the same time they are closing Fashion Boutique too!And that's not were it ends! 
The members services aren't there too! The Hollow is a complete mess!The reason why this is happening ? 
Well according to Disney they want to emphasise on making better the quality of other games like apps for mobile phones and such. However, according to a rumor, it is because they want to concentrate on club Penguin ... Well what I suspect is that because of the economical crisis going on, they had to make some cutbacks. Therefore the number of the stuff decreased and they decided that they would also shut down some games for more economy (although they must have had huge incomes from Pixie Hollow, Toon Town and Pirates Of the Carribean) , but because as it seems Club Penguin is far more popular than the three (wich i can't believe really .. i mean who wants to be a fat peguin ? O.o) they  propably decided to leave only that one and gathere all the stuff from those games to work on  Club Penguin. Another thing is that there is this new game, called "Disney Infinity", so i bet they would need more stuff for that one, and not wanting to hire any other employees, they decided to take stuff from Pixie Hollow, ToonTown and Pirates of the Carribean Online and asigne them to this new project. Well whatever the reason is, i bet it's for money .

 Anyway if you wanna know more here is the offcial anouncement :
We're gonna miss u Pixie Hollow ;'(........
was what i would say if i were to quit but NO we gotta fight this~  What i suggets: Let's all mail the Never Council and Protest! Let's Save the Hollow!Another thing we can do is sign this petition:


Unfortunately the number of signes needed has increesed  from 1.500 to 5.000! :o So we need all the help we can get! A good i dea would be to sign many times I have a lots of e-mails so i signed 7 times Fake some info and stuff and if it recognises u open a tab for anonymus browse . You can also share this post with your friends on Facebook,Twit it ,repost it on your blog , make a topic posting this on forums (like pixie hollow forums, ueven the unofficial ones, or  other forums you are members of!) , make a video on Youtube and anything else possible so that it can be shared. For example I,  e-mailed it to my firends and texted it it on everyone on Facebook, i also posted it on groups and ect! Let's share this! We have a month to try and save it and we mustn't give up unless we've lost! Meanwhile, there are those rumors that have been going on............ . You see some people actually contacted Pixie Hollow on the phone and according to them the Hollow will re-open on January. Another rumor on this adds, that this time the website will be owned by a different company ? Many also asked what would become off their  fairies? Noone really knows as this is nothing but a rumor yet but it is said that only the active accounts will be kept and that the inactive ones will be deleted. But according to a friend of mine whose father contacte Pixie Hollow, said that they were told by the stuff that  the company is no longer entertaining any letter,

statement or any email because the company is 


The only thing left? The program that is still running 

until Pixie Hollow's 6th year Anniversary. 
Wich practically meens there's not a chance for us to save it.

Well whatever the case is , we haven't lost the buttle just

yet and it's still worth to try and save our very beloved


For more scoop and info check this very blog daily and I

will do my best to keep you aware of anything new!

I do not own Pixie Hollow.All rights for the game go to  Disney and its creators.

Ⓒ20/8/13  Crystal Airshine

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pixie Post Office Dress Contest!

Hey there pixies! 

I wanted to infrom you that i'll be missing this week (can't be helped it's still vaccation time :D) and as i'm very busy with the travel's preperations i don't think i'll be able to post something new as i planned to.... i might be able to  .. but it's still a bit impossible. What is more, i won't have my PC or an Internet connection ... So to make up i offer you a great chance to win an awesome dress from the Post Office =D.

 I just saw this contest by a friend of mine on youtube were you get the chance to win a dress from the Post Office (1st place winner), an item from the Post Office (2nd place) or a drawing of whatever you want (3rd place). And i thought of all these non-members like me that would love to win a dress or an item! So i'm giving you the link to the video ~

For more info on the contest look at the description of the video ! =)
~Good Luck everyone
ⒸDisney Pixie Hollow,All rights reseved

P.S: If you wonder were i got this dress from, then check out "MY CLOSET" tab :P

Ⓒ12/8/13 Crystal Airshine

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Send me your feedback!

Hey there pixies! I know it's been some time since i last posted. Don't worry i didn't forget you ... :p
I just wasn't able to .. BUT i'm preparing a new post :D 
Till then i'd like you to please please send me some feedback! Tell me about your opinion on the blog, what you like and what you dislike, and suggest anything you'd like to see here!
 I'll be more than glad to read and reply to all of your e-mails at pixiehollowslittlesecrets@yahoo.com !
 (yeah i know....... it's a long e-mail adress XD).
Don't hesitate to request new posts or send me your ideas,
share your tips and secrets or even send me your artworks (pixie hollow/disney fairies related only )  ! 
I'm looking forward to your e-mails!

Ⓒ10/8/13 Crystal Airshine

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Easiest Camp Challenge Ever!

Hey there everyone! Did u see  the new challenge ? :D

ⒸDisney,All rights reserved

  Well it's ridiculously easy .. -_-... I bet Pixie Hollow is out of ideas these days .. from challenges to new fashions (as the "new" ones are actually old ones "served" as new ones ... ). All you have to do is tinker any item or items five times! And that's it! It's so easy that it  only got me 5 minits to get the badge! 
ⒸDisney,All rights reserved

My advice ? Just tinker the zero level items and you'll get the badge in no time at all! ^^
Well that's our chance to help our teams win! GO OTTERS (And everyone else, but especially Otters since it's my Troop :P ).
~Goog Luck everyone!
Ⓒ1/8/13 Crystal Airshine