Saturday, August 10, 2013

Send me your feedback!

Hey there pixies! I know it's been some time since i last posted. Don't worry i didn't forget you ... :p
I just wasn't able to .. BUT i'm preparing a new post :D 
Till then i'd like you to please please send me some feedback! Tell me about your opinion on the blog, what you like and what you dislike, and suggest anything you'd like to see here!
 I'll be more than glad to read and reply to all of your e-mails at !
 (yeah i know....... it's a long e-mail adress XD).
Don't hesitate to request new posts or send me your ideas,
share your tips and secrets or even send me your artworks (pixie hollow/disney fairies related only )  ! 
I'm looking forward to your e-mails!

Ⓒ10/8/13 Crystal Airshine


  1. OMG IKR Its an outrage!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like seriously who wants to be a fat penguin when they can be an awesome fairy or sparrow dude.
    - Echo
    Hazel Eveningbreeze, Skyler Shiningwish,
    Erik Chillytwist, and my other dear friends remember to never give up..............

    1. erm i thing u commented ont he wrong post ..@w@ XD hehe no offence ... anyways i know how you feel, i think we all do know how you fel cause we feel the same way ...t hsi is just so ...