Hey there dear reader!I welcome you to my blog <3

What is it about?Well Pixie Hollow of course and ( now that the original is closed) Fairy ABC its recreation!

Here you will also find all sorts of other Disney Fairies-related posts (in the near future) , online game reviews and all sorts of other fun stuff!
The posts mostly consist of  all the Pixie Hollow news (yes even on 2016-consider this the Pixie Hollow "Times"- lol ),helpful tutorials,articles with research,some fashion and -soon- diys and ph-inspired stories.

Have fun flying through and have a flaptastic day!

P.S:The blog was originally about Pixie Hollow's secrets like tricks,little known glitches,even sumors about the reasons it really closed....Now that it's closed I had to change it up a bit....:Ps

I've said this again but this blog is about little secrets of pixie hollow!!Here you can also read juicy posts about pixie hollow,tips and take part in activities for the readers of the blog! So have fun reading!
~Crystal Airshine 


  1. How do you work on your blog like that it's totally amazing.

  2. Hi Stomry!
    Well, I'm really happy you like the blog! ^^
    I have worked on it a lot by creating everything from scratch. Really i have. Even the background and panel's backrounds were made by me XD
    ~Fly with you

  3. Hello Crystal, Well I saw the website of the recreation and I am so happy to play it:) When I was a child I used to play PH all the time. Now that it is recreated I will be happy to play it again! See you there soon :3

    P.S What is your name in the recreation, Let's be friends.

    1. I know how you fel it's the same for me!

      My name is the same in FairyABC (aka Crystal Airshine) .If you click on the tab that sais "Admin team" at the main page you will find me,I'm a global moderator :)