Friday, September 23, 2016

🌙 FairyABC: Moon Festival ! 🌙 (&Video!)

Hey guys! 

I know its kinda late to post this (I was busy, it couldn’t be helped :( ) but have you noticed that FairyABC has had a (small) new update ? :D

A special place was added in order to celebrate the Moon Festival! :O
Like, how awesome is that ?

If I’m not mistaken one of the game’s creators is Chinese,hence the whole celebration :P .

Despite not being Asian, I still found this update very interesting (and amazingly MAGICAL *.*) and it gave me a reason to learn about something new about a different culture :D

You can find the passage to the Moon Festival by going to Havendish Square and clicking on –what I believe are – the moon cakes :D .

When you enter the shrine ,if you "clap your hands" (make the clap emoticon) you are supposed to get flying latterns...personally I didn't get any of those :( ,but it was still magical :D

There was one time though, when the moon cakes weren’t available so I found a different way to enter the festival ! :O

Watch the video below to find out how! ^_^ (You can also watch it directly on Youtube if you want)

P.S:Do you like the outfit I put together for the festival ? :P

Fly with you soon <3

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

FAIRYABC:Update is up & We have to sign up AGAIN!

Hey guys!
How have you been? I missed you!

Did you notice that FairyABC got finally updated? Well if you haven’t you should definitely check it out ;)

But first let’s take a look at everything together because there are some major changes in the game :

#1:I’m going to say this again but the game’s link has CHANGED.
It’s now ,so if you couldn’t access the site,that’s why.

#2:Now you will notice the page looks different ,it takes you straight to a …forum.           
That’s right! Now a forum is available, and it’s actually essential to become a member of the forum if you wanna play the game which brings us to number …

#3:WE HAVE TO SIGN UP AGAIN! That’s because now all players have to be members of the forum to play with the new update. This change was made in order for people to sign up with their real e-mails, so yeah...

#4:You have to use your real e-mail to sign up.

Here’s a quick tutorial:

First click “Sign me up” and then fill in the form:
(click image for full size)

After that a window will pop up saying that a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your inbox. Don’t click on ANY OF THE BUTTONS on that window (you’ll notice they’re blue and in Chinese) just close the window.

Next thing you have to do is log in to your email and find the email by fairyabc

Read the instructions and click on the link given.It will lead you to another form you have to fill in, in order to finish your registration.

After you do all that you’re done!

You’re now a member of the forum :) .You can go join the discussion,change your profile pic or join the discussion.For tutorials on how to do all that stay tuned,they’ll be coming soon :D

#5:Now it’s time to play!To do so just click on “Pixie Hollow”

#6:Needless to say you now have to recreate your fairy but ehh whatever :P

#7:When you’re done with that you’ll notice the changes! First of all, all the meadows have been updated to autumn /Halloween theme!
Havendish, the autumn and the winter meadows are especially magical!

#8: But before you leave from Havendish wait…you have to go to Queen’s Boutique first!     It even has a shop catalogue :)

#9:After that pay a visit to the Ballroom AND Tearoom that are now available!!!And the Fairytale Theater has been updated to look like a concert stage! :o

#10:Next stop is..Treetop Bend!Why? Cause Gale’s Outfiters is now open!!!(And the clothes are freakin awesome)

#11:Now you’re free to pay a visit to the other meadows.You might notice that the ingredients are now clickable ^_^ (there was a problem previously) .Gathering them is so much fun! <3

#12:Make sure to visit Sunflower Gully,a surprise is waiting for you there!It’s a talent mastery sign!!!It’s clickable,but it doesn’t do much when you click it.Only some pixie dust appears.

#13:Finally after all this exploration you have to return home.You’ll notice the windows are fixed!

Unfortunately we have to redecorate ;_; ..oops

Anyway, everything is still new so there are a few problems but please be patient with them, and Fairyabc team –if you’re reading this- congratulations! You did a wonderful job!

Until next time enjoy and


©2016,Crystal Airshine

Monday, September 5, 2016

FairyABC:What will the upcoming update include?!(UPDATED!)

Hey everyone!

Crystal here, and I’m back with the oh-so-promised post about the upcoming update on FairyABC that will be done within this month with exclusive info !!!

Here is the info I was able to gather :D ! :

First of all, it is known that with the next update there will be more clothes !Some of them already “leaked” actually, and you can find them on Summit Style.

When the update comes they will however be moved to other shops.Yes,that’s right,we will get two new shops ! One of them is probably going to be our beloved Queen’s Boutique woohoo !

Furthermore It’s very likely that the Ballroom will finally be open for fairy visits ! (And maybe one more place in the Hollow…but it’s not for sure  :p )

Lastly I talked with one of the admins of the game today and they let me in,in some extra news about the update !!! :D

We now know that admins will have gold wings ! –how cool is that?!- and also the ban button will be fixed .

Right now there’s a small update where only admins/pixie pals/honored pixies have the ability to “whisper to all” due to issues with chat abuse and bullying.

Which is why I’d like to ask from all of you to please PLEASE avoid cussing or harassing other players, or if you witness such an incident please take a screenshot and send it to FairyABC stuff on Facebook or on their official page! ;)

Furthermore there will be another surprise ,something that has been heavily requested…I can’t tell you what it is yet..cause it’s a surprise.. :P but let’s just say it might have something to do with games…

Lastly there’s one more thing that hasn’t been confirmed yet so I can’t really post about it..but let’s just say that if it comes it will be really practical :) and flitterific ! :D

UPDATE:Hey guys,just a few hours after this was posted,FairyABC posted a video on their Facebook page with a sneak peak into the update!Apparently everything will be ready for Halloween/Animal Masquerade !
Click here to go see it!

These are all the news I could gather for now :D, for more stay tuned to your N.1 news source ^_^

and if you like this post make sure to share it with your friends ! ;) <3

Fly with you all soon <3