Friday, September 2, 2016

Animal Masquerade Ball on Worlize!

Hi everyone!
Crystal here and I’m back with some fun news!

I know you were expecting to hear about the upcoming update -I am doing that too, It will be posted in 2-3 days – but I stumbled across an exciting new Pixie Hollow event, and just had to share it before it was too late ! :D

As you can see from the title of this post ,there is An “Animal Masquerade Ball” going on, on Worlize TOMMOROW September 3th !

Normally this kind of event is organized around Halloween but..oh well..who cares XD
Personally I’d love to go!I even have a costume ready, but I’ll be away from home on that day ;’( *sniff*

Anyway, if you guys are available you should totally go!

Here’s a little tip to create the perfect outfit to wear easily!

Step 1:
Log on to FairyABC

Step 2:
Create an outfit for the masquerade.If you click on the hats you can find animal masks etc! :D

Step 3:
Click on your leaf journal,and then click to print your fairy.Select for the image to have a transparent background and save it in PNG format (just type .png instead of .jpg at the end of the file’s name).
Also make sure to drag your fairy down so that her name doesn't fall on her wings ;)

Step 4:
Open the image with an editing program like GIMP,Photoshop or Pixrl and just erase the parts where it says  “Pixie Hollow” and your fairy name .

Step 5:
Resize the image to be smaller. Test it on Worlize,to find the kind of size you like :D
And ta-da! You have an awesome outfit for the ball in no-time at all ;) <3

For more details on the event, click here to read the original post by Julie Tulipblossom!

Have fun and take care !~ <3


  1. I was on once but nobody was there except the girl hosting it and another girl i didnt even know ( I think it was Breezy idk ) and well it was fun xD