Wednesday, August 31, 2016

ღ FairyABC:Updates #2 ღ

Hey guys! Crystal here!

As you can see I changed the blog’s look for fall! :D 

 Do you guys like it or do you prefer the previous one ? A friend of mine told me that the 3D version of my fairy in the banner is weird looking…@_@ Personally, I had so many problems with changing the blog and the banner that I can’t even tell anymore so let me know in the comments XD
ღAnyway, today I decided we will be taking a look at all the updates that have been going on in the Hollow lately (since they are so many and people tend to get a little lost XD),starting from oldest to newest :D

#1 : Pixie Pals
The role of Pixie Pals has been added for quite some time now in the game. Basically Pixie Pals are players that have a specific role or responsibility in the game and are –in a way- considered members of the Never Council . You can tell someone is a pixie pal if their name is in a different color (usually Red or Blue) .
For example I (and my bff Angie) am a Pixie Pal whose name is in mostly Green color :)

My (and my friend’s) role is to note down the glitches of the game and let the creators know :) .Other pixie pals carry different responsibilities.
You can also tell someone is a pixie pal from their profile.

Pixie Pals are usually experienced players so they should also be able to help newbies !:D
If you are one, don’t hesitate to ask a pixie pal for directions ;)

#2: New Dyes
If you’ve noticed the dyes at Daisy’s have changed to a more “modern” (?) look , as well as the way you dye your clothes. For example instead of “top” there is “Uper” etc

#3: Offensive words filter
A filter that prevents users from using inappropriate language has been added due to various issues with bullying etc .

#4: Frost Talents!
A new talent was added !You are now able to choose to be a frost talent! However frost talents don’t have houses yet. I believe they will be available in the next update though (?).The frost talent badge was designed by the talented admin named Luna :)

#5: Subtle Url change
For those of you who though the site was down again, there was a subtle url change. In other words has changed to
#6 : Ban permissions
All administrators now have ban permissions, after a long wait for the coding to get finished! Next comes mute, and a report button in game.This change was again caused due to various reports of players abusing the chat system and causing a lot of chaos and drama in the game … :/

#7:Flying and sitting
There have been changes in the way you can now fly and sit! You can fly by clicking and holding down your left click while dragging your cursor to wherever you want your fairy to go, which is pretty convenient ! Also when sitting down in Fairyabc, if you click your mouse on either side of your fairy (not directly on your fairy, about a centimeter next to), it changes your sitting direction!

#8: New clothes!
Lastly, there was an accidental update and new clothes were added to summit style. These clothes will actually be moved to the new shops that will be available In the next update within this month!
 If you’re dying to know more about the next update remember to tune into the blog, I will be posting soon about it ! :D
P.S: A lot of the clothes as you can see are for Halloween! Also, there might be some glitches due to the update…until a few hours ago there was a problem with the shoes that is now fixed thanks to Luna ! :D

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe by e-mail so that you’ll know when a new post is out, with all the latest news!

Love you and I wish you a happy school year! (As happy as someone going to school can be XD)

©2016,Crystal Airshine


  1. Those updates look a-maze-ing! Though, I made an account a while ago and then all of a sudden, it said my account info was wrong. I then noticed people saying I have to make... a new account? Can I just use the same info as I did before or do I have to change everything? Thanks! :D

    Fly with you later!

    1. Hey there :D!
      You can use the same info!You see,we all had to recreate our fairies after the update ;)
      ~Thanks for reading <3

    2. Oh, ok! Thanks so much!!! <3 (hopefully I can see you on Fairyabc soon. ;D )

    3. No problem! :D
      Unfortunately for some time I'll be away from home -and an internet connection- so that will probably have to wait :(.
      New posts will be up though,since I can program them to get uploaded on a different day,even If i'm away :D!

    4. Oh... That's ok! I can wait. ^-^ (I'm making my 'new' account today, yippee!)

      Oh, awesome! (How long are you going to be away?)

    5. Yay! ~ :D

      Hmm,basically I'm going back and forth...This is gonna last all through September for sure :/

  2. Niiice :)

    And yeah I'm her best friend - the other Pixie Pal xD