Monday, August 22, 2016

Help keep FairyABC ONLINE!

Hey guys!

It’s Crystal here and today I’m here to bring you some REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS!
Now I don’t know If you’ve noticed but for the past few days was inaccessible !

A lot of people started worrying because they couldn’t access the site and messaged FairyABC .
Turns out that the problem was that the site run out of bandwidth for August.  As you may or may not know, the owners of the game have to pay a specific sum of money each month to keep the game online for its growing number of users . And they –the creators- are only  T-E-E-N-A-G-E-R-S ! They don’t have a job and a steady income so paying isn’t always easy ….
So at first they announced the game would be unavailable until September 1st .

Fortunately a pixie named Susie payed extra money to get the game back up,so all is good now…well almost.

Needless to say, unless we take action and help the game stuff to cover the game's expenses somehow,things like this will happen again in the future.And Susie or Wind or whoever else funds the game right now can't just pay  for us to play for FREE forever.Not to mention that if this happens again,and noone is able to pay,we won't be able to play for A MONTH (or maybe even more?)

If you’ve noticed Wind for some time now has allowed adds in the website. The reasoning behind that,was in order to be able to cover the game’s expenses through add revenue.

So what I suggest in order to help, is that those of you who have addblobk  turn it off on FairyABC specifically, so you can help keep the game alive and prevent problems like the recent one!
Another good thought would be to spread the word about this and the game to your friends if you want to help. You can do so by shearing this post on social media,or even sending them the link to the post via text(so that you don’t have to explain everything yourself XD ) .

Also, make sure to visit the site at least once a day (even if you’re not going to play-let’s say you’re busy perhaps- ) to help support it ! :)

It’s the best we can do to help,and it’s nothing hard to do either ! ;)

That’s all for now, I’ll see you really soon with more FairyABC related posts (one of them being one last problem that needs to be addressed), so don’t forget to  subscribe to the blog via email to get notified every time there’s a new post ! :D

~Thanks for reading,have a flaptastic day ! <3 <3 <3

©2016,Crystal Airshine


  1. Wow I had no idea it wasn't accessible since I wasn't on for days myself. But gosh, I'm happy that someone paid more to have more space. And Adblock is off on my end dont worry :P

    1. Lol same here,plus this is such a relief,but unless we take action this will happen again..And Susie can't pay forever...

    2. I totally understand. I can't help financially but I can help other players If they get stuck with a glitch or something ( or at least try to help).
      I'm just glad I kinda understand tech stuff till some point lol xD