Tuesday, September 13, 2016

FAIRYABC:Update is up & We have to sign up AGAIN!

Hey guys!
How have you been? I missed you!

Did you notice that FairyABC got finally updated? Well if you haven’t you should definitely check it out ;)

But first let’s take a look at everything together because there are some major changes in the game :

#1:I’m going to say this again but the game’s link has CHANGED.
It’s http://ph.fairyabc.com/forum.php now ,so if you couldn’t access the site,that’s why.

#2:Now you will notice the page looks different ,it takes you straight to a …forum.           
That’s right! Now a forum is available, and it’s actually essential to become a member of the forum if you wanna play the game which brings us to number …

#3:WE HAVE TO SIGN UP AGAIN! That’s because now all players have to be members of the forum to play with the new update. This change was made in order for people to sign up with their real e-mails, so yeah...

#4:You have to use your real e-mail to sign up.

Here’s a quick tutorial:

First click “Sign me up” and then fill in the form:
(click image for full size)

After that a window will pop up saying that a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your inbox. Don’t click on ANY OF THE BUTTONS on that window (you’ll notice they’re blue and in Chinese) just close the window.

Next thing you have to do is log in to your email and find the email by fairyabc

Read the instructions and click on the link given.It will lead you to another form you have to fill in, in order to finish your registration.

After you do all that you’re done!

You’re now a member of the forum :) .You can go join the discussion,change your profile pic or join the discussion.For tutorials on how to do all that stay tuned,they’ll be coming soon :D

#5:Now it’s time to play!To do so just click on “Pixie Hollow”

#6:Needless to say you now have to recreate your fairy but ehh whatever :P

#7:When you’re done with that you’ll notice the changes! First of all, all the meadows have been updated to autumn /Halloween theme!
Havendish, the autumn and the winter meadows are especially magical!

#8: But before you leave from Havendish wait…you have to go to Queen’s Boutique first!     It even has a shop catalogue :)

#9:After that pay a visit to the Ballroom AND Tearoom that are now available!!!And the Fairytale Theater has been updated to look like a concert stage! :o

#10:Next stop is..Treetop Bend!Why? Cause Gale’s Outfiters is now open!!!(And the clothes are freakin awesome)

#11:Now you’re free to pay a visit to the other meadows.You might notice that the ingredients are now clickable ^_^ (there was a problem previously) .Gathering them is so much fun! <3

#12:Make sure to visit Sunflower Gully,a surprise is waiting for you there!It’s a talent mastery sign!!!It’s clickable,but it doesn’t do much when you click it.Only some pixie dust appears.

#13:Finally after all this exploration you have to return home.You’ll notice the windows are fixed!

Unfortunately we have to redecorate ;_; ..oops

Anyway, everything is still new so there are a few problems but please be patient with them, and Fairyabc team –if you’re reading this- congratulations! You did a wonderful job!

Until next time enjoy and


©2016,Crystal Airshine


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    2. Harmony try again,do you see the tab next to "About" that sais "Play Pixie Hollow(2016)" ? Yeah well click on that ;)

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    4. Harmony I'll post this on my blog also but - I discovered aka an admin told me that the main server refreshes itself everyday for half an hour or 45 minutes tops. It's just resetting itself so no worries :)

  2. Also I already explained most of the things here and I have a preview video of Pixie Hollow that still needs to be finished editing and I tried making a video tutorial on the sign up but - I didn't make it because all of Action's ( the program) user keys for the full version were blacklisted bc they were made public and I couldn't use it anymore so I tried another one called IceCream but that didn't work well too, so I guess I'll try looking for another one - If not I'll be sure to give everyone directions to this :)

  3. Okay I found one If it works again - there's gonna be a video from me on this if not well idk.
    You see the problem is for some reason Xbox Live's recorder doesn't work when I wanna record a browser or like the desktop - it only seems to work for games. I guess it's not made for screen recording of a browser's tabs. So, I'll try the thing I found just now called iSpring it's totally free of charge no watermarks or time limits and well if you ever need a screen recorder i think this one's gonna work out for you :)

  4. I love your pictures!!
    And your post is very helpful :D
    Thanks so much Crystal <3

    1. Thank you Snow, I'm really happy to hear that !!! :D <3

  5. P.S. - your blog's makeover is GORGEOUS <3

    1. Really?! I was a little worried about it actually, I'm so glad ,thanksss!!! <3

  6. Hey, Crystal! Um, I have a question. XD

    So, I can not play the updated Fairyabc. I made a new account, got the email about how to finish signing up. Then I logged in and it brought me to a screen that looked like I would make a new fairy. But then in a split second, it was gone and I was led to the old signing up screen. Help?

  7. Hi! I have never played and for some reason my log in screen is in another language?? It wont allow me to make an account and i very much want to play :^/

    1. Hello!
      Unfortunately I've never heard of this before so I don't think I can be of much help :(
      I do have a "FairyABC:HELP/TIPS" post though if you want to check it out but other than that ,I think the best you can do is either report this to the admins of the forum (if you're a member of the forum ,If you're not then try out this link to register:
      http://ph.fairyabc.com/?fromuid=148 )
      or contact them on facebook,the admins should be able to help you :) (hopefully)
      Hope this helps!

    2. I'm new and having same problem as Lostfairy.. i got the email but when i clicked the link it brought me back to the registeration window.. and i also tried to log in it shows error. Help:(

    3. Hey there!
      Look at my instructions very carefully (click on the images to see them full size!!)
      I already have the answer to your problem in the post I believe.Just take a second look at them carefully and give it another try :)