Thursday, August 1, 2013

Easiest Camp Challenge Ever!

Hey there everyone! Did u see  the new challenge ? :D

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  Well it's ridiculously easy .. -_-... I bet Pixie Hollow is out of ideas these days .. from challenges to new fashions (as the "new" ones are actually old ones "served" as new ones ... ). All you have to do is tinker any item or items five times! And that's it! It's so easy that it  only got me 5 minits to get the badge! 
ⒸDisney,All rights reserved

My advice ? Just tinker the zero level items and you'll get the badge in no time at all! ^^
Well that's our chance to help our teams win! GO OTTERS (And everyone else, but especially Otters since it's my Troop :P ).
~Goog Luck everyone!
Ⓒ1/8/13 Crystal Airshine

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