Monday, August 12, 2013

Pixie Post Office Dress Contest!

Hey there pixies! 

I wanted to infrom you that i'll be missing this week (can't be helped it's still vaccation time :D) and as i'm very busy with the travel's preperations i don't think i'll be able to post something new as i planned to.... i might be able to  .. but it's still a bit impossible. What is more, i won't have my PC or an Internet connection ... So to make up i offer you a great chance to win an awesome dress from the Post Office =D.

 I just saw this contest by a friend of mine on youtube were you get the chance to win a dress from the Post Office (1st place winner), an item from the Post Office (2nd place) or a drawing of whatever you want (3rd place). And i thought of all these non-members like me that would love to win a dress or an item! So i'm giving you the link to the video ~

For more info on the contest look at the description of the video ! =)
~Good Luck everyone
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P.S: If you wonder were i got this dress from, then check out "MY CLOSET" tab :P

Ⓒ12/8/13 Crystal Airshine