Saturday, May 18, 2013

♥♥How to get a free pixie hollow membership! ♥♥

So from the title i guess it's pretty obvious that this is a post on HOW TO GET A FREE MEMBERSHIP! YAYYYYY!!!!
What do you need to do? Well simple! Just read this post!
So some weeks ago my best friend discovered an amazing website called Loot Palace wich offers you the oportunity to purchase for free any gift card you can imagine! There is really a wide variety of prizes you can ge and it's really ease and simple to get them!

So how does this work?
It's simple! All you have to do is become a member of the website, gain points by doing easy and fun offers,tasks and much more , and after gaining enough you'll be able to trade them for a FREE MEMBERSHIP! too good to be truth huh? well it's totally real! Remember the freind i was talking about? She is now a member.... 

Is it efficient and safe? Does it really work?
You bet it does ! From what i know it has worked for 4.935 personnes.... do you still have doubts? well i give you my word that it DOES work! And you don't need to worry! It's completely safe and the stuff are trust-worthy. When you finish with the hole process you will just receive a membership code, so you don't have to be afraid that your account will be hacked or that your personnal information will be leaked out.

Is this a cheat/hack? I mean how do you get a membership for free?
It's not a cheet neither a hack! Loot Palace actually PAYS for your membership! It's the reward for your services.

What do you have to do to gain points? Is it time consuming? Is it boring or  hard to do?
You can gain points by doing noumerous activities wich can be real fun trust me! You can for example gain points by watching videos, getting a high score at any of the games available at the game page of the site, participate in fun contest, take part in social games (wich i really like, especially the Thar be Treasure game wich is more like a points giveaway...),completting offers wich isn't time consuming or boring at all (you can even get points for playing a game on Facebook), completing some surveys or completing tasks. The best is that if you reffer a  new member to the website you get 10% of what they gain for life!!! yeah it's true (you practically gain points by doing nothing!!!!)

Does it take long to gain enough points?
That depends on the points you need for a prize, how active you are and what kind of methods you use to gain points. But i can assure you that it normally doesn't take long, so you'll have what you want in no time at all! Just think that when you register you get 1.040 points and every 24 hours you log in you get 15 points as a gift!!
I'm already really close to get enough points for a membership!!!

Is there any technical support?
Yes there is! There are also many wallkthroughs and turtorials and even a public chat were friendly members will help you find you way out of your problem!And you can always contact the stuff to ask for help! They will gladly help you!

So if i definetely reccomend that you join here and now :
and for more details watch this video:
if you have any questions feel free to ask me !

well that's all for now!

~Crystal Airshine  Free gift cards


  1. everyone knows loot palace now but the big trouble is its really hard to earn points it it it will be a year to work on it and earn something we were hungry for.

    1. Yes unfortunately ..... That's why i'm looking into something new .. i think i found the way to earn points really fast ... if it works for me i will also post it ;)
      P.S: When i posted this, Loot Palace wasn't
      well known yet ,plus i earned points for doing this :P


    1. Sure Dawn! ^^ You can find it on :D