Friday, September 19, 2014

Pixie Hollow Reunion! PLEASE READ!

Hi guys!!!!
It's been sooooooooo,so long since i last posted! I know and i'm so sorry! :(
I missed you all so much! You see ,after my exams were over i had no wi-fi or internet connection whatsoever. And when i finally got home, and sat down on my desk, ready to catch up with you guys, i realised something was wrong with my computer :(.....
What had actually happened, was that it got completly and utterly DESTROYED during a raging storm ! :(
(that kinda sounded like lyrics from "Let it Go" XD)
It took 2 WHOLE MONTHS for it to be finally fixed, and after it got fixed my internet device broke too! =.=

Anyways, let me CUT TO THE CHASE.

I just got to my e-mails today, and i noticed these two VERY IMPORTANT E-MAILS!
The first one (wich for some reason i cannnot find right now? o.O) was about a reunion on Worlize on "PIXIE HOLLOW" (all caps), a world created by Rose Morningmist, taking place on the 20th and 21th of September.

The second e-mail was just a reminder for the reunion.
(Click on the image to view it in full resolution)

So i actually visited Rose's world on Worlize, and i have to say it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! <3
 (Note:You need to be logged in, in Worlize before clicking the link above!)
You can honestly tell that she has worked so much!(Click for full size)
 So i thought that i should definetly tell you guys in order for you to come, and i know that it is SO,SO late to tell you this , but better late than never right ? :)
Here are the meeting details:
Here you can see my awful Worlize Avatar ;_;..guess what..i made it myself...., but don't worry you don't have to make yours too!:)
You can find pre-made ones at the shops, like in Queen's Boutique and etc. or at Worlize's Avatar Shop, but those are not Pixie Avatars.. :/

If you do come tommorow, then know that I will also be there, and i would love to meet you!And not only that!I will also take screenshots of the meet up and the pixies in it and post them here, together with a special video and my impressions of the reunion!:)
In case you have any problems signing in Worlize, or finding Rose's Pixie Hollow, then come on the blog's chat during the reunion's time! I'll be there to help you! :D (Although i've had a tiny problem logging in as Crystal Airshine, but i hope i'll be able to fix that one ;_;)

HOWEVER, if you can't come to the reunion on Worlize, then there is always the second reunion, organised by the amazing Marigold Sunjewel and Sarah Diamondswirls wich will propably last up to 3-4 days! :D
For more details please visit her wonderful blog, or follow the link:
(Actually , i had too sometime thought of throwing a party on Worlize, and make it something like a reunion. Who knows? I might get to it sometime soon!:) )



Now that i am done announcing the important news,let's go back to smalltalk :P
Actually..not that "small"
You see i didn't continue what i wanted to say when i mentioned i checked my e-mail today. What i also did notice was that when i searched up "Blogger Contact Form" in my g-mail, i found A TON of your e-mails that had never really gotten to me! And i really want to apologize for that as well! I'm the worst blogger ever *sniff* :'(
However, i know it was late, but although it took me 2 HOURS non-stop to accomplish, i did reply to every and each one of your e-mails! :D (there were 45 pages =.= )

 So go check your mail afterwards, because you might find an e-mail from me! ;)

But most importantly, i want to thank you ALL of you, my WONDERFUL<3 readers for your mails, and all your kind words!
I can't even describe to you the feeling i get while reading your comments or your e-mails! And i promise that from now on i'll reply much, much earlier! :P

Last but not least, i wanted to let you know tha my exams went really well and my grades this year were super good, so thank you for all your good luck wishes on Google+ , e-mail, or at the comment section !

I think i have the best readers in the history of blogging! :D <3 

Btw how is school going so far for you? :)
 For me there's just much more studying -_- (laaame)

And finally, one last thing i want you to know is that i'm going to post 2 NEW POSTS real soon!
So look forward to that one guys!

~Fly with you SOON<3


  1. I think you're gonna want to hit me with a chair or something .. I didn't really follow your blog much these past few months....I haven't even been on my blog... I guess I'm gonna change that...Anyways this info is really useful and I'm gonna make a post on my blog that leads to this so my readers ( which are u and a few others idk if they're even active on there anymore o.o ) read this. LOVE CHOO <3

  2. hahaha
    oh lol ;') <3
    who knows, but do that ;)
    love ya too ;)))

  3. Super awesome post, Crystal!!! We've missed you ♥
    I can't wait to read more :-D I love your blog ;-)

    1. Thanks so much Marigold :D <3
      To tell the truth, it's not really my favourite one, but my purpose was just to inform as many pixies as i could:P
      Glad u like it tho ^^
      See you soon on my next post, and can't wait to read yours<3
      i mean i just L-O-V-E the way you wright:)
      fly with you<3

  4. Why does NO one like my Blog?? :(

    1. No, why do you say that? :o :)
      I checked your blog,and it's awesome ^_^. But it's just your blog is still new, so even if people like it, you won't know yet ;) :/
      Maybe you could try telling your friends about it though! :))