Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reunion Impressions and Blog Resolutions =)

Dear pixies,
Writing this post right now I am covered up with 2 blankets on my bed, shivering like an idiot 

 ,snee …. sneez…..(*achou!), sneezing non-stop and –last but not least- making my annual, autumn “collection” of tissues….(I have only finished about 3 boxes so far… ;_; ) 

Obviously I’m not in my finest, and to be exact I have come down with the flue, and it just SUCKS.  (GOSH, I look like a really un-cute version of Rudolf with eh… very…..sexy  ..zombie-ish dark circles ;_;……)

Man, I just HATE being sick…-..-

(Although I’ve been lazing around all day, serfing on the internet AND I got to skip school ^_^ :P)

 And as ridiculous as it may sound, this is actually the perfect time for me to FINALLY ( ik, ik … ;_;), write a post, as my schedule is just so packed.

Ok I know that posting something on the Internet while running a fever, is probably NOT  one of my brightest ideas . =.=……
But let’s just hope I won’t come to regret this later..:)…
right? o.o..? 

Nah, whatever!:D
Enough winning now, I’ll cut to the chase , cause it seems like this intro stretched for far too long…
(how weird of me..-.-) 

First of all, what I’d like to talk about in this new post is ..-what else?- my impressions of the.. “Reunion” that was recently organized.
I actually should have done this a tad…earlier, but  -once again- I guess it’s better late than never J
And I’m saying this now, just so that we won’t have any misunderstandings… but in contrast to Marigold who was a lot milder and carefull with her approach , when talking about my impressions of our Reunion, I’m actually going to be  blunt. In a not-so-good way.
I regret to say this..BUT,  the reunion was…a TOTAL DISASTER ;_; 
(Ok, that was a little bit too dramatic, :P  )

It didn't go THAT bad :P, .......ALTHOUGH very FEW people actually showed up. And a lot of things went kinda..wrong? :/
. For example, I, along with other people showed up at Worlize at the wrong…DAY
, and to add to that confusion,-from what I saw- almost nobody showed up on Worlize at the right day. And to top it all, Minerva’s chat that was our main meeting place, had unfortunatly very few people-from what i saw-( as i could hardly make it to the reunion, and was only able to stay for a few hours during the first day)
To be honest, i expected a lot more pixies to be there:(( 
And I just wonder ..what the hel...met  happened? O.o
Not trying to be mean here, but did you guys get lost in the way or something.. XD :’(, I mean that’s not even possible =.=…

 That was actually mean o.o.
 But seriously ;_; …

HOWEVER, I do have to admit that this was also our bloggers’ and other fairies’ who organized this ,fault. We should have definitely given you a bit more time to know and to spread the word from what it seems. Not to mention that I  only posted about the whole thing TWO days, earlier, wich was very irresponsible on my side..
Then again, that’s also when I found out o//o…

 Lastly, it should have been clearer where our meeting places were, and of course we should have explained to you in more detail the whole “Worlize” thing beforehand, because it turns out, that one of our biggest problems was the fact that people either didn’t even know how to log in, or just had no idea what was going on in that game .And it was to be expected, since that game can be a real blur sometimes..
However, any of you that couldn’t make it at the reunion, or very simply had no idea about it, it’s okay, you don’t need to be sad, because I am planning of throwing something like a “Get together” party sometime in the year , and  with the help of (I hope) other bloggers too ,we will make sure that you have all been informed beforehand and on  early notice , and that you will be able to be there! J

All in all, th Reunion was actually a very good idea,and a very inspiring and positive one at that, I have to admit... (although it didn’t turn out as we all hoped) , and it got me really pumped up and excited, as it did with other pixies.At that period, a lot of bloggers started being active again (including myself) and the Pixie Community, got back to life once again, even if that was just for a while. (Still, it seems like the PH Forums, are still surprizingly active. Especially after the reunion)
 PLUS, the “PIXIE HOLLOW” that Rose Morningmist created in order for us to be able to meet, was really worth visiting in my opinion J , even if there were only 3 people there..=.=
I even took a bunch of pictures to show you guys XD 
(Click on the images for full resolution/size)


                                                                   Rose's House:

One of the Pixie Hollow Shops (also serving as an avatar shop) :
(*The avatar I chose kinda looks like Elsa from Frozen XD)

Watching a video at the fairytail theater:

Arrival Ceremony:

Different pixie talent houses:

Prop Shops (where you get furniture and e.t.c)

Some Random but Beautiful Places:

One of my favourites :The Ice Palace

There are many more meadows and shops to explore, but i was really bored of taking a picture of EVYRTHING O.O ..xD

Last but not least, I’d like to inform you guys, on a few things about the blog.
As you can see , I have already finished updating this fall’s new layout !
Oh my god, it seems as if it was yesterday when my blog looked like this:

(Sorry, I don't have a full picture of the layout :/)

To think it’s actually been a year since then ..:o

Anyways, what I wanted to say the most, is that this new look is not just the only update! Slowly but steadily I’m going to update all the tabs I haven’t updated so far. As you may have noticed I have already changed a few things

Also, there was this e-mail I got by a reader, that put me in some serious thought…she asked me whether I was going to write about anything else besides PH, now that it’s gone .Truth is I had considered the possibility myself  a long time ago, . When I first started this website, I had decided that it would only be about Pixie Hollow but when PH closed, the topics I could write about significally lessened. But now, So I am left with no choice but to move on. Of course, I’m going to keep writing about PixieHollow –related stuff, but I also want to give something else a shot.
So I ask you guys…since I’m clueless on what I should write about…what would you like me to post about first? J I would really appreciate it if you could leave me an answer in the comment section below, or e-mail me your answer at pixiehollowsmagicchannel@gmail.com. J thanks!!!!!!!!! :D 

So that is it for this post, I’m going to make a “Memories” post soon and other stuff, but I’d love to hear what else you’d like to see in this blog, and I really hope you enjoyed reading J <3

~Fly with you soon

Ⓒ7/10/14 Crystal Airshine


  1. I have to admit the reunion probably wasn't as successful as we would have hoped, but it certainly was a good idea to organize such an event that would bring pixies together again. I think it's definitely worth another shot in the future.

    I am most certainly interesting in another get-together. Celebrate the changing of the seasons or something of that sort. I'm up to anything, as long as time permits. But once a time has been set, I'll do my best to be there ♪

    1. True, i totally agree with you Minerva =)
      Well, i like you theme ideas about the Reunion, and also when i get down to organizing this event, i'll be sure to let you know! You'd be a great help, and i'd love for you to be there too! ^_^^

  2. Okay so I was trying to enter back then but my now retired PC decided to make me unable to join you..Yeah I was pissed off but eh I lived through it. And as for future events I'd be happy to also land a hand and I will post about it on my blog as well. Till next time, <3

    1. Yeah, i figured as much :/ R u finally going to get a new pc? XD
      Anyways, i'm counting on you for the next reunion ;) <3 Thanks for the help Angie :*

  3. hmm maybe you could write about recommending new blogs from time to time? instead of just talking about pixie hollow, you could also talk about disney generally and anything new :D i love all your posts so i'm fine with anything! <3

    1. Hey Crystal! Thanks for actually making it to the end of this huge post XD I hope you enjoyed it! :))
      Also thanks for your recommendation, it's really helpful :D
      I've already suggested a few new blogs, but i might as well do more reviews, and who knows,even Disney news?:)
      ~Crystal Airshine

  4. I believe that the reunion wasn't successful, but a bunch of fairies are active more often now- and that is the plus point.
    You might as well blame me, since I was the main organizer. However, since this was the first thing of its kind, everything didn't go smoothly.
    All of us didn't out our 100 % into it, so yes.
    Nevertheless, I hope to have a similar event in in future, which doesn't necessarily have to be on PH's closure anniversary. :)

    Take care!

    1. Well, i don't think anyone could really blame you.
      First of all, because as you mentioned it was the first time organising this sort of event,and of course it's human to make mistakes (although i don't think you made any really..? :P ), and most importantly, i don't think the blame can be put on you alone, we all were a little irresponsible on our side, not to mention me o.o ... But i definetly LOVED your idea for the reunion and that's what matters the most! ( I mean the idea:P )
      I hope that i can count on you for a future event, and i look forward to making plans for a second reunion with you!:)
      ~Fly with you
      Crystal Airshine