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Pixie Hollow Memories:Part 1

Hi pixies.

How are you? Did you have fun during Halloween? In my country we don’t really celebrate it, however some of my friends organized a Halloween party with a bunch of people and it was really  fun :D I went as half a skeleton –half normal. I know it’s too ordinary, but that was my second ever Halloween party so who cares about being creative? :p  Although last year I had done a little better on the creative aspect. I went as a living-dead, I ripped off a shirt I didn’t like and drew blood stains on it .Then I did my make-up really scary using a really pale foundation, grey eyeshadow to contour my face and for the eyes I went with a smokey look, but then I smudged it to look scary and  painted my lips red,  used a little bit of black on the corners and blended it! I also added some “blood” with red lipstick on the corners of my mouth as if I had eaten something (or someone :P) continuing down the neck and down my blouse .Finally I wore a straight, long black wig! :P It was pretty scary I have to say. I even accidentally scared the people of the party that came to scare me instead XD  I even took part in a  Pixie Hollow Halloween Costume competition a while before PH closed, and  won! J (I was in the top 3 ^_^)
Here is my entry:
 (click for full size)

 Anyways, here I am again, bringing you a new post. I know it obviously took me soo long.

Truth is I don’t like to excuse myself. And I’m going to be honest, the reason why I was so late is because I was just too tired to post. This year is just so crazy ,and the sad thing is I still haven’t set a proper program to organize my life. Therefore, every single day I end up finishing my homework (for school and cram school/tutoring)  late at night and there consequently is no time for me to post here. And I have to confess to you, that not once but multiple times have  I thought of closing down this blog. But then...I remembered the promises I made to you…to renew the blog and start fresh. I have strived so hard to turn this blog into something, that I have now gone too long a way just to give up. There is no meaning to something like that. And so as stressing as this might prove to be for me, I have to and will continue.
 But the main reason I haven’t been posting is because….MY STUPID INTERNET DEVICE IS BROKEN.ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

And let’s just say it really “LIKES” to stop working after only a few seconds …ON ITS OWN…AND THEN NOT OPEN AT ALL…..=.=

LOL, I just ruined the serious atmosphere, hehe :3

But seriously, sometimes I dream of grabbing it, punching it
 and throwing it on the wall!ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

I know it sounds kind of mad, but it really has been driving me crazy lately, and trust me, I need my wi-fi :’( <3… XD

Anyways, this post is (OBVIOUSLY) about my Memories of PH! And, to be exact, I’m going to be  telling  you how everything happened! Including creating this blog which is a rather weird story, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading this.
 Also I’d like to thank everyone who shared with me their ideas on what new I should add, and so I’d like to announce that I’m  soon going to be releasing (here) my first ever PH fanfiction series called “Dear,Leaf Journal” (and excuse me if it sucks, but I’ve never written fanfiction before XD), and I’m going to be trying a new online MMO game every month,( that most of the times) YOU guys will get to choose and hopefully do a fun review on it! I know that there probably is no game that can take the place of our dear PH, but it’s still worth it to try out new ones, as there are plenty of good games out there! And lastly, I’m always going to do my standard posts, although this time it’s not always going to be about Pixie Hollow.

Ok, enough of the boring stuff! Let’s get to the post!

(By the way this post is going to be HUUGE so …embrace yourselves! O.O dun dun dun…… XD just keeding……. that was lame -.- :3)

So a while ago i saw that some  Toontown players (i mean 2 or 3 people, not all of them!)
 talking about Pixie Hollow in one of their Forums and they called us “stuck up” and all about still being all “wippy” over Pixie Hollow.   But, I don’t see anything bad about treasuring something you love, do you?

As long of course as you don’t overdo it
However, those people were right in one thing: We should move on. Which, doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting either.
So here I am. I have moved on, and since I have done so I’d like to share with you my story. My pixie story <3

It all started about 3 years ago. It’s kind of embarrassing in a way, but back then I really liked  Winx Club....then again I was still a kid so... I guess it was fine ? :P
Anyways, one day while searching on the internet I found their official English website together with its forum. I was really excited to find it so I singed up. At the forum I really had a lot of fun! I made plenty of fairy friends, created my own “shop”, my own “school” and enjoyed other similar activities often found in some kinds of forums.
The forum also had this system to it: you couldn’t exactly choose an avatar. Rather you could create one. A fairy avatar.
By playing games on the site you could win points to customize your character and change its characteristics. Similarly to any MMO. (Click for full size)

 But that wasn’t only it. The points you gained translated into coins that you could also use in their ACTUAL online MMO game called “Winx Adventure”.(I’m going to do a more detailed post about it sometime J
                                        ⒸRainbow,All rights reserved

(Before that there was also another MMO game called Gardenia Park, which I didn’t get to play cause it closed down. But from what I’ve heard and seen on Youtube it must have been cool !  )

 That was also the first online game I ever played (after Totally Spies Academy, if that could be considered one?)
It was truly a fantastic game, with really cool graphics in my opinion.
ⒸRainbow,All rights reseved

In the game you controlled a fairy avatar, had your own house and could go around in a town called “Gardenia” where you could meet other players, shop and more.
ⒸRainbow,All rights reseved

Later on when “Garden of Charmix” was added
ⒸRainbow,All rights reseved
 you were also given the ability to transform into a type of fairy.
 You could chose between being a  Music fairy( that later became Fire fairy if I’m not mistaken) , Nature fairy and Light Fairy, fly and cast “spells”  to fight the evil :P !
ⒸRainbow,All rights reseved

For me that game was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. J

Meanwhile, while I was scrolling down a friend’s “shop” in the forum that I was a “helper” at, I noticed she made those really cute “pixie avatars”. I instantly became interested on how she made them and after a while I discovered she used this game called “Pixie Hollow”,  she even gave a link to it.
So, curious as I was I clicked on the link.
Never had I known, how much that moment would change my life later on.
The link took me to the familiar to all of us main page, where the video introduction of the game started playing. I watched the video and the game seemed really fun .Plus, I have always loved Tinkerbelle and the game was about fairies <3 :3 (As a kid I had a HUGE obsession with fairies. Like REALLY huge.)
So I took my dad’s permission to sign up and then I took care of the rest and Voila! And so, on October 26th 2011 ,I officially became a pixie!!! :D
Finally signing in to the game for the first time I took my first step to that magical world. (What follows is a part of my new fanfiction series “Dear,leaf journal” that I talked about earlier. And please forgive the  “lamness”  of my story-telling but as a non-native speaker of English it is devastatingly hard for me to write proper fan-fiction :P)

 “.........When I finally landed on that strange world it was night. Small raindrops, caught in a spider web were glistening under the moonlight..
 Suddenly, a sparkle appeared and shed its vulnerable light on me. Soon more followed and more and more, and the little sparkles started gathering together until they formed the shape of a woman’s body, and after a while there she was standing in front of me, Queen Clarion in all of her glory. I was left dumbfounded at her presence. She gently smiled to me and started the so known ritual… “..Have you ever wonder how nature gets its glow? Who gives it light and color as the seasons come and go? This is the work of fairies but they stay well out of sight. And now the time has come for your fairy to take flight” and as she completed her phrase, she touched something that looked like an insect’s wings stuck on my back, covering them in a cloud of gold dust and leaving them with a light glow as they started to flatter.
“Wait, did those things on my back just...move?" o.o ?
At that moment I completely lost it. Just what was going on? For some reason the ground seamed to get further and further as I was –not so charmingly- twisting into the air.
 -Oh ok I get it, so this must be the flight she talked about- I thought to myself.
“What are you little one? A flittering fairy or swore sparrow-man?” she continued her phrase with a charming voice completely ignoring the look of panic on my face.
-Ehm I’m a fairy...duh? I mean can’t you tell? Wait you can’t? o.o
That’s……. definitely not a good sign ;_; Either I’m too ugly or she definitely needs to get her eyes checked …
“Born of laughter, clothed in cheer, happiness has brought you here. Welcome to Pixie Hollow! Now prepare yourself-the biggest decision of all is next!”
-Oh…things just got serious! O.O
“Your talent is a true reflection of who you are. Find the one that is yours”
And there I was standing in my white clothing surrounded by a circle of floating, glowing items. Each one- as I was later told- symbolized an talent.
The monstrous creatures on my back started moving again as soon as I tried to go forward, and so -somehow- I managed to move around, carefully examining the items. My eyes were caught by a really bizzar one. Something that looked like a miniature version of a Tornado. The fast-flying fairies symbol. As I got closer to it it started slowly moving until it went completely crazy.
- Ok so I guess that means it doesn’t like me that much. Oh well, makes sense .I mean I was never good at running fast. Let alone flying fast, I can barely control these wild glowing creatures back there.
I  tried moving to another item. This time a little bit more successfully. As I came closer to It my eyes met the warm glow of a breath-taking spear of light. When I got even closer to it ,it started shining brightly…. wait too brightly .
“OK, something’s definitely wrong here. Yeah, I better try something else.. o.o” I thought to myself again and flew away quickly-well as “quickly” as I was allowed to at least-
Something similar happened with all the other objects. The hammer-like item “threw itself” above a terrified fairy’s head and got stuck on a tree.(Later on it took an hour to get it out) .
 Ok, I have to admit that I was a total moving destruction. An awkwardly moving one.
 Everyone there seemed to think so at least. Even Queen Clarion seemed a bit worried now.
But then while looking at the circle of the items again, I spotted something that looked like a bubble of..water? When my sight fell on it, it started glowing happily, it floated higher and started moving towards me. I extended my hands to reach for it until it softly landed on them, light filled everything and I felt a power so great ,so fulfilling, so pure flowing in and out of me, taking over my body and soul. No, I already had felt it before. Because it was a part of me all along. How could I not have known earlier? Yes, maybe I already knew ,maybe I always did. I just was too lost amongst this wondrous world to realize it.
When the light finally faded, a loud yet happy noise reached my ears. It was the cheers and the applause of the fairies and sparrow-men congratulating me for finally becoming a real member of their community. Yes, I was one of them indeed…”

Ok, so that was it! What do you think?
Well, I hope you liked it because that was the first  part of  the first episode of my series! J
Now back to reality, all that didn’t exactly happen that ...well you know…
 But it never hurts to add some spice to things right? J

Anyways, this post has dragged for wayyyyyyyy too long, so I’m going to be continuing at part 2 ! J
Till then, have lots of fun
And fly with you soon


Ⓒ9/11/14 Crystal Airshine


  1. oh please. pfft. the only reason toontown people called us being weepy about it is only because there are people who have been creating a proper toontown game again! -_-

    1. Hi Crystal !:P
      I don't know if that's true, but they certaintly are lucky they have Toontown Rewritten :/

  2. Hey Cleo! If you ever think of closing this blog Imma get seriously angry :P It is way too cool. Also, this new idea is awesome. You just gave me an idea too.. Since you reminded me of the Story section ( and how I seriously neglected it ) I am gonna make a story of how we both met... With no pictures sadly bc I've got a new PC ( laptop) and I have none of our pictures here... Yeah, upsetting ik..o.o But, no worries before getting my old PC fixed, Imma transfer them here �� So, check the story out, I'm gonna send u the link via Facebook. Till then, happy flapping!

    1. Hi Angie! <3
      This is the 3rd time i'm writting this comment, something happened all the other times =.= :P
      Anyways, i won't close the blog don't worry XD
      But thanks for the support <3
      Also i am so so so EXCITED to read your story, this is so sweet <3 <3
      Btw, if you want i could e-mail you all of our pictures ;)
      (P.S: Obviously, you're in my story too, although you appear a bit late since i met you last year .. :P...but you'll appear in all the last chapters ! :D )