Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Reunion! ~All Pixies are invited!~ (Updated)

Hey there pixies!

How have you been doing this week? For me it was pretty tiring thanks to a certain Geometry teacher and a certain Geometry test… but oh well :P 

Once again, my network device is driving me nuts :P. you have no idea how many hardships I went through just to post this =.=… gosh, I have to get a new device ;_;..

Anyways, normally, I guess you would be expecting to see the part 2 of the “Pixie Hollow Memories” post right? I know, I know, that was what I was actually planning to write about …but… something occurred and I had to postpone it for next time… and that something is our SECOND PIXIE HOLLOW REUNION

To be exact, it’s a Christmas Reunion which makes it even cooler!
I thought, I immediately had to tell you about this, in order to give you the chance to make time for the reunion, and –unlike last time- organize better and let everyone know J (By the way, do you like the banner I made J  ? )
Once again, this meeting is organized with the help of all our dear bloggers and of course all fairies and sparrow-men are invited to take part in this special meeting full of fun and joy with our long lost pixie friends that we all have missed so much. (Also you can check Marigold’s amazing “L.A.F.F” program for a chance to find your lost  friends : )
 This is also a great chance to reunite and to generally  “update”  once again the Pixie Hollow Community, be it Bloggers, Youtubers, Editors,simply Pixies and etc. J
Now on to the details! The meeting Is taking place at :
a.      Rose Morningmist’s Worlize version of Pixie Hollow for pixies older than 13 years old: (Sign in before clicking the link)
b.      At my chatbox here in PHLS  and also at Minerva's
c.       At another online world for pixies under 13 years old that YOU, voted, and the most voted world was: Fantage !!! SPECIFICALLY: At the Scarlet Starfish server,at the Forest! :)

As for the time and place, it was decided that the meeting will take place in the  28th  of December and ends on the 31st so that even pixies that will be travelling for the Holidays, will be able to attend! :)(UPDATE;) The time has been set for 10+  GMT+11 time . To learn all about what time that is for your country follow the link:
Or if you’re feeling lazy just use this converter :P : 

Otherwise,to get an idea of what I mean,take a look at this map : (Click for full size) 

Lastly, I’d like to explain a few things about Worlize, so that everyone can get what I’m talking about and will be able to access it easily.

 Worlize is an online game where you are actually able to create and customize your own ONLINE VIRTUAL WORLD. That’s why it has been so vastly used by several fairies in order to recreate Pixie Hollow. The game allows you to create your “home world” and decorate it using “props”, that is authorized artwork and images that you upload and usually have to edit using Photoshop in order to turn the background transparent and convert the files into a png ones. You can also use your own backgrounds or pre-made ones from Worlize as a ”scenery” for your world, and add music ,videos and avatars, that once again you can either create yourself or find online (it could be anything from png images of your favorite characters to gifs and animated “dolls”). Moreover, you can also upload an avatar for yourself from your computer or similarly “buy” one for free at any existing Worlize avatar shop, and of course you can change as many as you want. In the game you can visit a variety of different worlds shown in the map, created by the players with whom you can chat with ,become friends, visit their “home world” and send (free) gifts to. From what I’ve seen so far the game is completely free of charge ( you don’t have to pay using neither real or virtual money, even in-game products are free I think) and it has a ton of capabilities and customizing options, mainly because you create those yourself. It is not however very widely known, maybe because it requires a lot of work on the side of the players. That aside, it is indeed a somewhat good alternative for Pixie Hollow, although I do have to acknowledge the fact that it is not even half as good as PH was. It does though, an excellent job keeping the memory of our fairy home alive. And let’s be realists, recreating Pixie Hollow is more than hard to do, but even if that was achieved it would be terribly costly to maintain it (keeping the server online actually costs a lot of money), while Worlize is an easy to use ,free alternative .
And to learn how to use Worlize, then check out these tutorials on Youtube: 

So..that’s all about today’s post J… (At least for once my post came out to be somewhat sort XD…I think ..;_; )
 I really hope to see you all at the reunion (I’ll mostly be at Worlize  ) and I’ll be more than happy to chat with you!

P.S: I’d like to thank Rose Mornignmist for once again working so hard on her Worlize world to prepare it for the reunion but mostly for giving us the idea of a Christmas meeting and putting everything together J And of course  any other Pixie or Blogger that kindly offered to help . :D
Rose has also posted the details herself so to check her blog follow the link:

Until next time, have fun, be awesome and don’t forget to tell all your pixie friends about this, either by contacting them via e-mail/phone or sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest , Google Plus, your Blog , at the Pixie Hollow Forums, Youtube or anywhere else you like really, there are sooo many choices J

 (You can find the share buttons, right below the post)

~Fly with you soon J <3

Ⓒ16/11/14 Crystal Airshine

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