Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Small Note!

Hey guys, it's me! This is a very short post (and probably the only short one XD) just to let you know of a few things :) :

A.No, i didn't forget about you or the blog. I'm so sorry I haven't posted for ages, but hey ...it's that time of the year when i'm super busy.
B. However, I'm going to post really really soon, just give me some time because the rest of the Memories post is kinda time consuming and hard to pull off for multiple reasons ... :_:

C.I would also like to announce that:

1. Together with the second part of the Memories post I'm also going to be updating the gallery with lost of new pictures ! :)

2. The voting for the Christmas Reunion (see previous post) will be open until December 23th, any votes casted afterwards will not be accepted .So...vote while you still can !!! :)

D. I also updated the blog's look as you can see :) (Finally redownloaded GIMP )
What do you think ? :D Do you like it? o//o
Let me know in the comments below! ^_^ <3

See you soon pixies :))

Ⓒ9/12/14 Crystal Airshine

1 comment:

  1. yes crystal i love ur new blog posts and i have a question... is the main picture of u as a fairy downloaded from the real pixie hollow or was there a game that u found that is exactally like pixie hollwo and let u make ur own fairy or login? :O