Sunday, December 28, 2014

Reunion Update!

Hi guys! Merry Christmas!!! ^_^
How have your holidays been so far? :)
As for me, I'm having fun and taking a good rest :D

Anyways, this year is slowly coming to an end and our second Reunion will finally take place tommorow! (For the details please see: Christmas Reunion! ~All Pixies are invited!~ (Updated) )
So I wanted to let everyone know, that Fantage was voted as the meeting place for pixies under 13 years old.! :) Just today, i created a Fantage account and searched for the perfect spot for our meeting!^^
Specifically i chose the Scarlet Starfish  server ,as it's more private and quiet (it is located at the end of the servers list), and the exact meeting place is the Forest! :) I think it's an amazingly cute place, and it has the whole fairy-ish aura to it so it's perfect for a pixie meeting!
I'll also likely be there as well to greet you, so see you soon! :D

The rest of you, I'll see here(at the chat) and at Worlize!!! ^_^
*(If any problem occurs, or if you're simply confused as for the time,plcae and etc just come to the chat where either me or Rose will be able to answer your questions!)

~Fly with you soon

Ⓒ28/12/14 Crystal Airshine


  1. I headed over to the Scarlet Starfish server and am there right now.. Let me know if you see me around - my Fantagian's name is alyson345 (darn, I should have made it more convenient, but I've had this account for a while so..)

    1. oh man, it was still morning in my country when you wrote that so i was still sleeping ....:'(

    2. :((( we've got to set a time!! :o actually can you come the same time tommorow? :)

  2. where will be are next place for the pixies meeting i missed the first ones? I U I