Friday, February 20, 2015


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 Hi pixies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

                                                                 I’m back!!  yayyy!

I’m so SO sorry for being absent all this time..

, but I was busier than ever, and when I wasn’t busy I was simply dead tired.

So no time for blogging. Nope .. L

BUT ,I am back for good, and I’m ready to blog once again (Another yayy !)
Aand…the best part is that I have A LOT of good stuff coming up for you guys!!

Wait for it..:3 hehehe (You’re going to be soo excited! I promise you! J ) I’m not going to tell you what it is yet though, I’m keeping it as a surprise.! J (And no, I don’t mean that PH is re-openning.. :/ ..although I did hear a rumor that  Pixie Hollow might be re-opening this summer (!) . But hey…take nothing for granted unless Disney announces it… ok? ;) )

So..where were we left…………Ah! Yes! The reunion….Man! Have I been missing for a long time! L
So..I know it’s late to talk about that. But I am going to! Because YOU are going to be SO INTRESTED in hearing what I found out!. 

Taking things from the start, the reunion might not have been as lively as I was hoping, but I feel like it was definitely better than the other one. Unfortunately I didn’t meet many people, and especially some friends and fellow bloggers like Minerva and Rose for example, due to problems with synchronizing. We all live scattered in different places of the earth after all ..:/

I did ,however, meet a very interesting fella. Her name is Jade Shinymist. She is an amazing person, and I really enjoyed my time talking with her.

 During that chat we had (while waiting for the people that didn’t after all show up at the reunion XD.. ) she told me two very interesting things.

That’s right! Disney brought back (and uploaded in the Disney Fairies official website) one of Pixie Hollow’s best Mini-games! Harvest Hustle! ^^ (It’s in beta version though)

Do you know what that means? Pixie Hollow might have not been deleted yet! There is a chance our favorite game has been SAVED! J  (YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY) Therefore it still exists, but just isn’t … online!..

B .Some Pixie Hollow fans have tried and make a game of their own ,inspired by Pixie Hollow .But I’ll talk to you in depth on that one on another post!

By the way, do you like the avatr i made for the reunion? :) I think I made the make-up kinda creepy though :o....
(Click to watch in full size)
(Please do not copy/save/use this image for any purpose without my agreement. Doing any of the above,goes against the blog's copyrighting rules. Thank you.)

That's it for today’s post! Make sure to share this with your friends and fellow pixies via the share buttons on the bottom of the post (or just by texting them the link) to make sure EVERYONE hears the good news, and I on my part will do my best to as always, bring you the latest newsJ

(P.S:Another thanks to Rose for hosting our reunion in her wonderful version of Pixie Hollow in Worlize)

 I’ll come back to you soon ,I believe, with a new post and MANY EXCITING NEWS!!!
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Till then….


  1. I was able to play on pixie hollow.... then I got kicked off.
    Maybe that's sign that it may still comeback

    1. Are you serious? :O
      If that's true then would you mind please telling me more about it? :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the game! I was playing it clear to the end. It was really fun! Also, do you know if Disney is answering e-mails about Pixie Hollow if their going to re-open? I just recently found out since I've been grounded since forever but oh well past can't be changed. I also want to spam Disney with emojis but i think they'll just block me some how. Heh! Oh well! Also, I love your blogs their so interesting. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Tiger!
      I'm really happy to hear you enjoy my posts hehe, thank you! ^_^
      Anyway, unfortunatly Disney doesn't usually ..or actually never does reply to any of the e-mails asking about Pixie Hollow... :/ As far as I know at least...You could always try your luck though! :P
      Also, I'm sorry you just found out about what happened.. :( However... spamming Disney might be a fun idea XD lol
      ~Fly with you

  3. Hi Crystal!
    I wanted to say that I LOVE your blog's spring-theme! So beautiful :-)
    Anyway, I noticed that you haven't posted in over a month, so I hope all is well with you. Please post again soon - we miss you <3
    ♥ Marigold

    1. Aww thanks Marigold <3
      Don't worry I'm fine..just a know..busy :P
      I'm so sorry for not posting, but trying to cope up with my studies, the commitee ,the blog and all those things happening in my life right now is kind of crazy :/ Anyway, did you see my last e-mail ? :)
      Fyi : This theme is the one I had last year as well :P (I didn't have time yet to make a new one :/ )

  4. What website did you have the reunion on?

    1. Hi Shirorin-chan!
      We had the reunion on Worlize :)

      P.S:There might be another one coming up soon ;)

  5. there is a petition to get pixie hollow back at:

  6. Hey, Crystal!!! :-) I hope you are doing well! We haven't heard from you in a few weeks...

    Please join us in celebrating the 2015 Never Dove Egg Hunt:

  7. Hey I started a petition to bring back PixieHollow! I really hope it can bring it back. Please sign! Here's the link! --> <--


  9. Not so Fun fact:

    Pixie hollow closed because disney was losing money. Since the pixie diamonds were added, no one was buying membership, and maintaining a server costs A LOT, and BOOM! Closed.

    Now that I think of it, it may have been the pixie diamonds fault...

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  11. Hey Crystal, where have you been? I haven't heard from you in AGES!

    Hope exams and stuff aren't overwhelming you,

    - Rose <3

  12. Hi! I have a huge question....

    The create a fairy game on is closed. The link on google is still there, but when you click on it, it says page not found?? Also there is a second link to the game on google that looks EXACTLY like the old website before it got that modern look to it! But when you click on it it redirects you to the modern site but sometimes it says: "Dear guest, the fairies will be back soon!"!!!!!!!!! :O
    Also one creepy thing is on the fairies UK website, on the games tab, where there is a picture of silvermist and it says "time to play games", right next to her is THE WATER TALENT FLAG FURNITURE ITEM FROM PIXIE HOLLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :OOOO It is one of the flags we could buy during the pixie hollow games OMG! Here is the link to it: