Thursday, May 23, 2013

The most known secret (not really) of all!

So hello again! This time i'm up with a silly post cause i'm bored... :P well you have to wait till the weekend for the good stuff to come ! |◔◡◉|
Anyways this time i'm presenting you the most well known secret in the entirely hollow! But i got to admit that although i had heard of it i saw it for my self by accident today.. so i got a litlle excited ! ^^ So what's that "big" secret! It's the snow angel fo course! If you go at the cilly falls and sit on a spesiffic spot a snow angel will appear! yay! are you shocked?(*≗*) well propably not!

~Anyways loof forward to my posts this weekend ok? Don't forget to check the blog and you might as well visit the New/Announcements of the blog tab on the top of the page!!

~Till then Happy Flapping!
 ~Crystal Airshine!              

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