Sunday, March 30, 2014

Less known pixie blogs you should definetly check out! ツ✌

Hey everybody! How you doing so far? I’m back with another post!! :D
Although,  this time it’s going to be kind of different. I’ve always thought of doing this post, but with all the things happening with Pixie Hollow, I never really got the chance to … :/
So, many of you guys read multiple other blogs about Pixie Hollow, most of which (if not all of them) are very well known! So I thought about introducing to you pixies, 2 new blogsand a not-so new but unfortunately not very well-known blog, and hopefully give a chance to these three amazing fairies, to become better known! They’re worth it after all :D
Starting I would like to introduce you to a new blog run by the very sweet Rose Morningmist, called “Pixie Hollow-Our Biggest Secret”, kinda catchy huh ?  XD

Rose, just completed her work on her blog , after months of working on it, and I am very proud to present it to you! However, there are still some technical difficulties that the blog’s going through, such as being able to access the blog only through a direct link.
So here is the link,  make sure to bookmark it until the problem is solved ,so that you can access it  ! J

The first thing I noticed when entering Rose’s blog, was how well organized it is! As I see it, it’s essential for a blog to be well-organized, in order for readers to be able to browse through it more easily! So good job with that Rose! ;)
What is more, the blog has multiple sections you can browse through such as:
·           Home
·         About Me
·         About The Blog
·         Art Gallery
·         Ask Rose
·         Links
·         Quotes
·         The PH Riddle

More specifically :
“Art Gallery” (This one I find , is an awesome thing to have in your blog ! J )

The  “Ask Rose” tab about Q&A  , is extremely useful for all those “lost” and confused pixies out there!
At the  “Links” tab, you can find the links to other pixies’ blogs , including mine :P
And finally:
The  “Quotes tab”  (First time seeing this in a pixie blog! Great idea, really interesting!)
And  …“The PH Riddle” ,a tab, where you can find a riddle on the ultimate secret of PH! J
Cool right ? ;)
 I managed to solve it! How about you? Did you find the answer? If yes, please comment below or on Rose’s blog :DMore posts are about to come soon in her blog, so everyone please check it out and maybe leave a comment to let her know we  support her in this new adventure! ;) (。◕‿◕。)


Now it’s time to move on to the next blog! This blog, is owned by the amazing Dew-Dew Pixie or just Dew-Dew, (her pen-name , also known as  Kool Kat XD and Angie  Stormfly ,) and is one of my VERY BEST friends on the Hollow! I love her so much, she’s awesome and I feel  awful for not having done this earlier :$
Anyways, back to the topic! Her blog  is named “The Pixie Diaries”, which is a very cute name for a pixie blog, don’t you think?
Angie or Dew-Dew, has started posting in this blog quite some time ago, and updates it very often! I really love the fact that she is still so full of excitement about her blog, and also  so active!
Here is the link to her blog :

 Isn’t her blog very cute? I think that’s SO important in a blog! It makes readers' stay more pleasant and much longer ;)
 Way to go Angie!!! XD

Also, in one of her posts, she includes a link to a second website with pixie prizes…I’m gonna be honest… I have no idea what exactly there’s going to be in there, but it seems interesting  so you might want to check it out for yourselves, and help her improve it :P

Now, moving on to a more serious version of this  review! :P
Her blog, is  organized  in different sections:
·                     Pixie News (Obviously…a tab about the latest news J )
·                     Introduction to your Pixie Writer ! (You know what this is .. :P )
·                     Fairy Art (Colorful fairy art from talented Pixies! )
·                     Pixie Stories ! (Angie’s own and very imaginative Pixie Hollow Fan fiction!, A must read! J )
·                     Pixie Poems ! (Again. Angie’s creations J )
·                     Pixie Closet Quiz ! (Fashion Contest and more ;) )
·                     Fairy Tale Theater (Memories of what once was the Fairy Tale Theater)

As you can see, Angie’s blog has a variety of different things you can check out, which always makes a blog more interesting J
Moving on, her blog is filled with cuteness, and on the right side you will find a mini-chat (inspired from my previous chat :P You copy-cat! :3 ) , some virtual pets (I had one like these two when the blog first started! They’re so adorable!!! ) , and much more tools!

Therefore, go check out Angie’s blog as well, she’s done and continues doing a great job, and is worth taking some time to look through it J If you like it, please leave  a comment  and give her your opinion on 
her blog ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Part 3
So…this one is kinda special! It’s about a cute little blog called “Pixie Hollow Plan”. It’s owned by one of my readers , Savanah Correa, a really adorable and really humorous fairy, that was inspired to make a blog of her own thanks to mine.! That alone, means so much to me! The fact that I inspired her to be creative! I think it’s amazing!No atually, i have no words to describe this feeling! ≧◡≦
Here is the link to her blog:

Savanah’s blog, is still new, so it’s not really known or advanced with all those features big blogs have. L However, I find her posts short but informative, and I like the casual style she uses when writing. Also, I really like one of her posts on  a crazy dream she had when PH closed down… it’s hilarious, you should definitely check it out!XD

Savanah’s a bit of newbie to this, so let’s all be kind to her, cause I’m sure that in the near future, she’s going to gain more experience and become an awesome blogger ^_^. After all...we all have to start from somewhere!Right ? :)
Thank you for always supporting the blog Savanah 
 Everyone, please leave a comment on Savanah’s blog. Her posts are very interesting and I’m sure she’ll be happy to see your opinion on them!

So that is it, for this article guys! What do you think Pixies? Did you l find it interesting ? Would you like me to suggest more new blogs in the future? If you are a new blog owner, feel free to  e-mail me a link, and if I like your blog I might feature it some time in the near future ;)
P.S: Another post with suggestions, is hopefully coming this week, although it’s not about blogs this time ;) Stay tuned to find out what it’s going to be! I think you’ll really like this next  one :D J
~Fly with you 


Ⓒ30/3/14 Crystal Airshine


  1. Wow Crystal, I will definitely visit these blogs! You are really awesome for giving us these links. :D

  2. Hehe, thank u :D ^^, and yeah you should definetly do that! I'm sure it means a lot to them :) . Thanks for taking the time to! :D

  3. They look like fantastic blogs.....I'll check them out soon. :)

    P. S. Crystal, I changed my email address. It's already

    1. Great! ^_^ Thanks Sapphire :D, also thanks for telling me your new e-mail, but you should have contcted me instead of telling me in you mind if i delete your comment later on?..for your safety reasons :)

  4. A little correction about my blog Pixie Diaries. The Fairy Tale Theathre was inspired thanks to a picture I found with everyone masked. So I asked my few readers to choose their best fairy mask and to send it to me on my special email for the blog : ( it's okay crystal no important stuff here it can stay ;) ) . So send in stuff and the Pixie Prizes webpage ( which I am very new at ) is about posting the prizes to those who win them in my contests and quizzes ( yes I am planning on doing one of those too ) As for my blog thank you Crystal for sharing it hopefully I will get lots of readers bc seriously my blog is awesome ( not to pout or anything XD ) Okay well stay shimmerific everyone :)

    1. Oupsy! :P Ok thanks for the corrections Angie :)

  5. Thanks so much for that my ratings shot through the roof!(well in considering what i had before) You really do inspire me within every post

    1. You're welcome, don't even mention it :D Iwas glad to review your blog, i think you have a lot of potential and you're very sweet! ^_^
      Also i'm glad to hear i helped you,even if it was a little :))!!