Saturday, June 29, 2013

The secret of the seeds ?

Hi everyone! It's finally weekend! And guess what? It's post time! And i'm sure some of you were looking forward to this post because of my announcement on Facebook saying this would be the post were i would reveal the ultimate secret of getting free seeds right ? :) So i guess you're really excited ? Well i'm sorry but i will have to disappoint you cause there seems to be a little change in the plans ........ 
You see, when seeds first came out , the ones that  were able  to get a bonus  would also get a second package of the same seed! And i hadn't realy gotten a bonus since then ... so i thought i could use a trick based on that to get as many free seeds as i want! So imagine how disappointed i felt yesterday when i finally harvested my plant with the bonus and discovered that things have changed! So now instead of a second seed package you get another random item ...... So yeah the post is ruined! BUT!I might be able to make things a little better! So instead of telling you how to get many free seeds i'l tell you how to get a bonus without the help of your friends (well kinda .. you'll see what i mean ). 
But first i got to warn you! This is something really .                     time-consuming so if you are impatient then i don't suggest you try it! 
But it is worth giving it a try!And because it is a little complicated i also made a video with the instructions being demonstrated and put it on the botttom of the post! Before you just watch it read the instructions cause the video i missing a part of what you have to do!
So here we go!
Have you noticed that to fill the bonus for a 3-day seed , a five -day one or a six-day one you need either lots of friends to sing to your plants or friends that would spend one hour or more just trying to fill the bonus bar ? And it's really hard to find that many friends or a friend that would spend so much time wasting pixie dust on somebody else's plants! So i got a small trick for you :P
What you have to do to get the bonuses whenever you like is :

Create another account! Yes you heard me right! You have to create another fairy or sparowman !

level up with your new pixie! Reach a level were you will have earned  a considerable amount of pixie dust and some cookies to restore it .

Now leave the tab you have opened ( and that you use to play through your second acount ) as it is , and open a second tab. Go to the website of Pixie Hollow and log off. Now log in with your other account (the original one , the one you had first ) .
So if this works you will have logged in with two different fairies/sparowmen at the same time , but from different accounts!

Switch from tab to tab to move the two fairies/sparowmen. Make them be at the same server and make them meet each other at the same meadow.

Add the other fairy/sparowman so that they are friends!

Now go to the garden of the fairy/sparowman  you want to get the bonus,  with both fairies/sparowmen by going to your garden with the first fairy/sparowman  and make the second fly to her/him.

Use the second fairy/sparowman you had created to sing to the other's plants! Wait for at least 4 minits or more and sing again. Repeat that again and again untill the bonus bar fills completely!

And do that with as many plants as you wish whenever you wish to! :) When the time comes harvest them and get the bonus ;) And because i know this is all a litlle complicated i made a video for you! Here :

Well that's all i got to say! I hope this help and sorry if you were disappointed! Seems like my trik doesn't work anymore :(

Untill my next post! Happy Flapping~ :)

~Crystal Airshine 

Copyright Disclaimer:I do not own Pixie Hollow Online or anything affiliated with it.All rights go to Disney and the game's original creators

Ⓒ29/6/13 Crystal Airshine

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