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How to build up a gardrarobe in Pixie Hollow as a non-member!

Hello pixies!
 I'm back for my new post~! But this time i'm really in a hurry! So there might be many grammar or vocabulairy mistakes on the post cause i'm typing like super fast right now and i might as well miss some parts!!! But i will edit this as soon as i get the chance to! 
Ok so today i am gonna show you some tips on how to build up your gardarobe even as a non-member.If you are an experienced player you most propably know all of these tricks.BUT you got to know that these tips are seriously time-consuming, so don't expect to build a wardrobe just like that overnight. 

What do you have to do ?
Fisrt thing's first: SAVE UP DIAMONDS!
Most of the times i used to spend all my diamonds on postcards and stuff for best friends and boyfriends on Pixie Hollow. DO NOT DO THAT! YOU NEED THESE DIAMONDS!TRUST ME! DON'T SPEND THEM CARELESSLY!!!

Ok so what's next? 
If you have just started building your wardrobe you're gonna be in need of some clothes! So all you have to do is  scroll down the page of this blog and find the post with all the secret codes that work!Redeem all the codes that are for clothes and accesories 
(and the rest if you want ...). When you redeem them you will get  a yellow top and a mathching skirt! (from clothes ) . 
So what i suggest is to dye them.BUT. don't spend any diamonds for dyes! What you are gonna do is basically level up and earn many different dyes. 
(i have spent many of the dyes i earned on dying my clothes )

Then you can use one of these or since you will have some diamonds to spend buy one if you are not pleased! Then you will have a great outfit! Now you should continue on saving up diamonds. Many times there are  "sales" on the clothes stores so you might be able to get something half the prize. But i don't know when  the next sales period is or if there is going to be once again ?

Ok , so you should all know that the cheapest way to get cute clothes is of course..... SEEDS!

 Now once you have saved up enough diamonds you can buy 3 seeds : one for a top, another for a skirt, and for shoes. This will become your first outfit.

 (Don't forget to ask from your friends to sing to them so that you can get a second package or more for free!!!! ) And try not to accidentally delete them like i stupidlly did... (yeah that's a thing i'm still mad about :P!!!)
If the peaces don't match you can use 3 diamonds and 3 dyes from the  ones you've earned by levelling up to dye them and make a great mathcing outfit.! So that's basically all you can do!and unfortunately you will have to repeat this over and over and ... over again so that you will be able to build up a wardrobe!!!And litlle by litlle more clothes will be added in your collection!



*Extra tip :
(Doesn't work for everyone but you can give it a shot!)
So once you clear all the talent levells there will be no way for you to gain more diamonds. So if you still want clothes for your fairy create a second account. Do not spend any diamonds on that fairy and keep on levelling up and earning diamonds. So that is the part that doesn't really work for everyone.. :
Once you have a considerable amount of diamonds open two tabs. In the one  you will logg in with the fairy you have cleared the game and in the second one with the second fairy i just mentioned. Switch from tab to tab and make the two fairies meet and befriend each other. This way you can now use the second fairy to buy things from the post office and send them to the other one! 
so that's it! Well it worked for me so.... good luck with it!
 Now that's all for now! Happy flapping!

~Crystal Airshine

Copyright Disclaimer:I do not own Pixie Hollow Online or anything affiliated with it.All rights go to their rightful owners.

Ⓒ22/6/13 Crystal Airshine

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