Saturday, June 15, 2013

Free Furniture Tips (FOR NON-MEMBERS)

Hello everyone! I'm back for my post of the weekend!! :) This time i'm gonna explain how to get free furniture for your fairy home. So if you are an experienced player like me ,you most likely know this trick! But most of the newbies don't know this so i' gonna tell you either way! And of course i hope it will help you!!
So most of my non-members friends when they enter my fairy home ask me this question : Wow, how did you get your home to have furniture except from the  basic one did you buy it?
The answere is : Three items are from secret codes, there are also the basic ones, a plant i bought and the rest well...... they are from quests!!! Although non-members can't usually do any quests, there is one basic quest for non members by Tink, Silvermist,Fawn,Rosetta and Iridessa. When you complete those quests you get an item for your fairy home! If i remember right you get a mirror from Silvermist, a can from Tinkerbelle,
a pillow from Fawn ,a flowery swing from Rosetta and curtains from Iridessa. I may be mistaken on who gives what but these are the items you are able to get! And they make your home look much better since it's not that empty right?
Here are pics of the items!

Different talents get them in different colours ! For example me as a water talent got them in blue, while a garden fairy will get them in a pinkish red or just pink and a light fairy in yellow colours. That's for all of them except from the pillow wich is given red to all fairy-talents. I just died it blue to match the rest of the furniture.... :P
 And in the end your home looks far better see:

It's not that empty anymore is it? Well good luck with the quests ! Don't worry they are easy!!
When you get all of the furniture please take a screenshot of your home and send it to me!in (
I'd love to see how you chose to decorate it! If the pics are nice i will also post them in the gallery or in a new post!!
I hope i helped you! See you soon!
~Crystal Airshine 

Copyright Disclaimer:I do not own Pixie Hollow Online or anything affiliated with it.All rights go to their rightful owners.

Ⓒ15/6/13 Crystal Airshine

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