Monday, July 8, 2013

Pixie Hollow: Camp Pixie Dust Second Challenge Tip

Hey everyone! Sorry i didn't post as i promised this weekend but there was suddently a change in the plans so i had to be away from home and i had no internet connection either.......
Anyways, did you get your badges yet? If not then hurry up cause time's running out soon! If you are having difficulties finding the squirells then here's a tip : Go either alone or with two other fairies but NEVER with a full group. I went with full groups and didn't find any squirells but then my great friend Pearl Moontwill (who is a very experienced player ) told me about this trick and TA-DA!Problem solved ;) I hope this helped you! Good luck with your badge campers!
P.S:I'm gonna upload the post about leveling up faster later...... (in a few hours, but right now i'm in a hurry as always..)
See ya!


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