Monday, July 22, 2013

Hey everyone!

Hey everybody! Sorry i didn't post anything during the weekend as always but i was away from home and had no internet connection ... ? -_- And truth is i kinda wanted a little break :P
But i'm back!~ I'm doing a research on something really intresting right now so when the next post will be posted depends on the results of my super secret " research" ! ^_^ Meanwhile you can always contact me and send me your ideas for new posts or share your own Pixie Hollow Secrets (scroll down the page and search for the form next to the posts.. i think it is located on the right ? or wait maybe on the left ? oh well just search for it ! XD ) OR you can go ahead and enjoy some of my previous posts ^_^
Here are the ones i reccomend :D

How to Level up Faster!~Pixie Hollow Tip

The secret of the seeds ?

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