Monday, July 15, 2013

Troop Hideouts

Hey there everyone! 
I'm really really sorry I didn't post during the Weekend as promised but i was away from home and it couldn't be helped since i didn't have an internet connection!... :P
So today's topic is : Troop Hideouts! Did you know that the secret frosty forest appeared again and now it is located in the Hideouts!!!!? Cool right ?So.. i know that many non-members like me haven't really seen them ... so i thought i'd post their pics! :) Special thanks to Scarlet Flutterwinkle and Coal Hawklight for giving me some of the hideout's pics :) Did i forget anyone ?
So here are the hideouts :)

                                                                  Coal's screenshot:

                                         ⒸDisney,All rights reseved

                                                                    Scarlet's pic :
ⒸDisney,All rights reseved

Found these on youtube after a lot of searching :P  :

ⒸDisney,All rights reseved

ⒸDisney,All rights reseved

What do you think ? By the way ? Did you hear ? The tinkers won the 2nd challenge ! :)
Now I hope that I will be back soon cause I got some really intresting scoop but first I have to find out if it is trustworthy :P !
So see you! :)

Ⓒ15/7/13 Crystal Airshine


  1. That's so cool! After this, I flew around trying to find it, and I DID! I couldn't go in though... :(

    Could you check out my blog if you ever have time? It's Thanks!

    1. cool! You couldn't maybe because you haven't completed the quest in oredr to get the key that grands you entrance ... Maybe the quest is available again ? who knows :P Chck Tink's quest if you wanna find it ;) And sure i'll check your page and leave a comment ;)