Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just a few things!

Yay already second post this day and i'm on fire! Litterarly! I'm so super busy right now! O_O I have to get to work to get my explorer nadge for the second challenge (see my post for details :
I just updated the latest fashions in the previous post and i edited and made available again the "My Pixie Closet" tab! HOORAY! Not to mentione i get to improve the blog every day!And the great news is that the blog is much more popular now! Another "hooray!"... I am very proud! 
And i got a little SPOILER for you about the Weekend's post! It is gonna be about levelling up FASTER! :p 
Look forward to it kk ? :)

By the way yesterday i made my thrid 3D fairy edit ever! This one it is for my fairy..... Do you believe i hadn't done one for my self first? But oh well friends come firsts in these case! :P
It is kind of a fail i think... It is supposed to be Daphne Moondrop but... i don't think it looks a lot like her :$
Here  it is in small version :P

Oh well i tried...... What do you think though ?:P Comment and tell me!
That's all for now :P See ya!~<3


  1. This is so nice! Better than mine! Although I'm not horrible at making 3D editions