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How to Level up Faster!~Pixie Hollow Tip

Hey there everyone!
 I know i didn't post this on weekend like i promised but as i explained before in the previous post (about the second challenge secret :P check it out if you want!just scroll down the page...),
i wasn't able to connect on the internet and post it ......
But now that i am able to connect once again, i have a brand new post full of tips for you.... (it's a pretty long post...)

Today's topic is how to level up faster!I know this is gonna be extremely usefull especially for free-players like me who need to level up in order to get some diamonds! And i have to thanks my friend PrincesslazyXD also known as KoolKat,Juniper,Stella (and of course Copycat :P ) e.c.t ... for giving me the idea for this post!You see one day she asked me how to level up faster cause she wanted really badly some diamonds and that's when the idea came to me!!So what i am gonna tell you isn't exactly something new, but just a few tricks and tips to make it a little faster and less boring!

Ok... let's face it guys... If you wanna level up you got to struggle and try earning points by playing mini games..... me i know how boring this can be at times! So what i noticed is that actually hearing the same music again and again and again makes it even more tiring! So here we are...

#TIP N. 1:
To make things better click on your leaf journal. for it to open . Click on the settings and turn the music off and the sound effects.
Now open a second tab to Youtube and search for a playlist with your favourite songs. Listening to cool music can really make the difference! I tried it and it made things much better! Something else you can do is either make a playlist on your MP3,MP4, mobile phone, i-pod or just turn on the Radio or put one of your favourite CDs playing. It does really make it less boring and changes your mood! :)

Another way to make levelling up less boring is doing it with your friends of course! So here is:

#TIP N. 2:
Leveling up with friends can really be great, cause mini-games always seem less boring when you have company and especially if it is the best..... :P. Now i know you can't play most mini games with your frieends,but there are some you can. Like Animal Derby ,party games and the games in the Tearoom!
Except from that you can also go to the Wilderness  with your friends ^^. The second challenge is also a good excuse to go together wth your friends and try to earn the badge together! I did that with Jun and although we didn't find any squirells... -_- it still was nice playing together! :)
 ( In order to find out how to complete the challenge check out my post : )

And now let's get straight to the point! I know that you free-players desperately seek for some diamonds! Well i do understand you ..... so let me give you some tricks :)
Leveling up faster can only be done by earning a lot of talent points. And everybody knows that to do that you need to play.. mini-games.... Yep! It's the only way! (Although quests also do give some talent points too). What i am gonna do here is give you a list of the games available and rank them from 1 (games with many many points) to  8 (very few points...). But before i give you the list you have to know i didn't include : Animal Derby,Party games,crafting games  and the game in the tearoom simply because the amount of points you get depends on the levels (for the crafting games) , number of players (Animal Derby) and of course your performance... so i can't really rank those...
And the list is ranked based on perfect scores. If you are bad at a game with many points and your performance isn't good you may get less points than in a game that rewards players with a few points but you have a perfect performance at it. For example.. you might play First Flight on the easy level and not do well. You will get 30 points instead of 70 for example. And then you may play Seed Sorter (wich gives less pts) ,earn a perfect score and get 40 points...... So if you want to get many points try to have a perfect performance in the games :) 
So here is the list:


If you play the games that give the most points you will surely level up fast! But there's one more trick ? My friend Flora (also known as Scarlet Flutterwinkle ) who is in a very high level uses tailoring to level up, and as she said it can be really efficient! Only in two days she got from level 20 to 21,thanks to tailoring!!The bad thing is that you propably have  to play it many times but i guess the same goes for the mini-games .... ?
(By the way thanks for the trick Flora :)
But that's not only it!I am also going to give you some tips in order to get better scores in each game! But before i do,let me tell you this: I don't always manage to get a perfect score in some games so it's not like i'm an expert in each mini-game..... but i hope this tips will help you get a good score :)

First Flight is one of my favourite games and i'm really good at it.So you're lucky cause it's the game with the most talent points! (I've played it so many times though that i have kinda gotten sick of it, you know since it's so time consuming and all.. but i still find these birdies aodrable!) .
 One thing you must always have in mind while playing First Flight is that since the time doesn't count (except for the bonus fruit levels!)  you don't have to rush! Take your time and avoid any obstacles and get your bonus fruits! Don't be afraid of the wasps, you just have to wait for them to move and you won't be in danger of falling on them! Remember that there are always some "bonuses" you can get in order to repell leafes,wasps and get double points but if you don't get one of them don't worry. After a while a second bonus will appear together with a chance for you to get it. So always keep in mind that when playing take your time and be carefull. Then you'll see it's really easy! Except for that, try to get all the fruits cause that will  allow you to play the bonus fruit levels and get a perfect score... And trust me, you do want to get a perfect score cause if you do you will get a LOT of points :)

Gem Juggle isn't a game i can give you much advise on ...... It mostly depends on your skills to find the pairs of the gems and make combos. What i can tell you is not to just look at one place for combos and matching gems. Scan the whole board with the gems! Also try to find some "key" combos,in other words combos that lead to other combos being made on their own. :)

I'm not really an expert in this game. What i can tell you is that you have to be quick but carefull.
 The ice-blocks can be really usefull but don't always shoot on them .
They are not always needed and you would just waste your time shooting on them Just one thing. When shooting the  ice blocks be carefull that the butterflies are in place were you can shoot them :)

Seed Sorter is very much like Gem Juggle were again you have to match things,only that this one is with pairs. Not much advise i can give you on these, just watch out for the numbers in the packages (when they appear in later levels ) and always start matching the outer ones or the ones that aren't blocked somehow by other packages. Always do that when you start so that you won't waste time trying to pair them ,without being able to ...

I really don't play this game often... actually untill i started doing the research on the games for this post i hadn't played it for several months! All i can tell you is be carefull were does the light head to with the mirrors and try to be fast in order to get the bonus. And always place the gems last and more closely to the light cases....(Sorry i can't help much with this .... )

This is one of my favourite games and guess what i'm also really good at it ? (like super good! :p)
What i have realised in this game is that in order to be able to play each note conveniently (to be exact to press each key without any mistakes ) you have to put your finger in a convenient posture or place (call it whatever you want), what i mean is in a way that it is easy for you to press them any time. You also have to have realised in wich key every figer is , so that you won't press any wrong keys. If you do that you will never ever get a single note wrong! And of course wait for the right time to press the  key, to get the note right :)

Oh no..... it's the time to write about this too huh ? ..... I really don't like this game but despite this i still am gonna give you some ..... "tips " .Well let's see,  first of all you have to estimate when the basket is going to arrive were the petal will fall and crack the ice on the right time. That's they key to it, and although it works for me and i get good scores i still don't really like this game.... i don't know about you but i DONT.....

Tinker Toss is a really easy game assuming you play the easier levels.... Then it can get a little bit... you know... fast . But what you have to watch out for is always throwing the items in the baskets when having your fairy very close to the basket. That is because sometimes the items can "fly" spinning to the wrong basket. So never throw them from afar. I remember that when i tried sorting it from afar i many times had to catch it while it was "floating in the air" heading to the wrong basket. Unfortunately i didn't succeed in catching it all of these times and as a result  i lost\ a few points. What is more is that when you sort from a close distance the items that means you have to be extra fast in order to be able to sort the other items (that is if you are playing the higher levels. The easy level doesn't really require much speed ...)

Fairy Fireworks isn't a really hard game really. The trick is to catch all kinds of lights and use them in all different patters. Slowly you will be able to fill all of them numerous times!

Like other mini-games of Pixie Hollow, Hurvest Hustle is also a matching game! Seriously what's up with the designers of the game... do they really like matching games that much ? But anyways. There really isn't much advise i can give you on this one? It depends on your skills and some of the stuff i said for the other matching games apply for this one too .....

I really am not happy i have to writte about this one too...... Yes you guessed right, i don't really like this game and i'm not really good at it too. All i can say is that  when gathering different types of petals try catching one king many times even if you don't capture not many petals,you will soon have gathered enough and you will be on time :)

There are a few tricks for this game that i believe apply in most levels of this game. Always try to hear and see wich flowers move in order to decide the "path" that the drop will need to take in order to go to its final destination. Finally what i do is take off or delete or erase (don't know how to say this...!) some of the paths i make that i don't want a drop to cross and get to a wrong point. So while having finished making one  and the drop has passed erase it. But don't hurry to do so, cause you might need it as it is or just a litlle changed.

There's not much i can say on this just one tiny little thing. When using  your pad to bounce a fish use its end to bounce it, so that it will bounce further and sometimes higher.

Snowflake Sweep isn't a really complicated game...... Just make sure  that the line you form while having captured snowflakes doesn't go close to the branches cause that will make the snowflakes pop and you will have to collect new ones ..... wich is pretty annoying if you ask me.

And now that i finished writting everything i just realised this is propably the most long, time-consuming  and tiring post i have ever written!Not only that but doing research on this and playind different mini-gmaes again and again was really exhausting.... Despite that i'm really happy thinking that this might help you! If it does help please don't hesitate to comment!

P.S: I really don't have enough energy left to edit this so please don't mind any mistakes :P ....

Fly with you~

Ⓒ8/7/13 Crystal Airshine

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