Wednesday, June 29, 2016

⚜ PH DIARY: Pixie Hollow Prom 2016>Day two♥

Hey pixies!

 I’m back again,like I promised yesterday, with the story of my second day at the pixie prom!

If you haven’t read “ PH DIARIES:Pixie Hollow Prom 2016 (p.1) ♪♫” yet then scroll down or click here to read it! <3 

In order to be able to understand this post too :P ;)

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So yeah,here it is :D (I will post part 3 TOMMOROW :)  )

Tuesday the 21th of June

Dear leaf journal,

Can you believe that all these days have passed and Angie and I still hadn’t gotten to chat together on Fairy Abc? But the problems were so many that we couldn’t meet,and then I went to my vacation house in the Mainland for a while so..

Anyway,today we finally got around to doing that! 
                                                 (Click on the images for full size <3)

 It was sooo much fun,it was almost crazy that we could just hang out at the meadows again!It gave me super mixed emotions,Angie said she could picture me squeeling hahaha XD.

We mostly spent our time hanging around,chatting and teaching each other words and phrases from our languages cause…ehhh why not? :P Then I told her about the prom!

We decided to meet 10 mins before the prom and go together!

Today,I also got to chat with that old,idiot friend of mine Dale Braveheart after CENTURIES O.O .He’s a huge idiot,but  I still love him he’s still precious to me so I was happy to talk to him again! :D He’s the kind of friend that teases me to death and will never admit that the reason he wasn’t sleeping -although it was 1am in his country- was because we finally reunited and not cause “he was super sleepy but couldn’t sleep for… some reason”. *sigh*

A few hours later:

I just finished designing my prom dress! The theme of the prom is the sea and although you don’t have to follow it ,it’s quite cool ! :D Do you remember that shell dress back in the hollow?
ⒸDisney,All rights reserved

If I remember correctly you could get it only by purchasing some Disney Fairies dolls? I still remember how bad I wanted it hahaha! Well now I have it cause I edited it ,onto my fairy and added a few special touches ! :)
                          Please do not use this image without my permision first.Thank you
I absolutely love it and am very happy with how it turned out ! ^_^
Angie,said she will be wearing her characteristic mermaid dress,very fitting indeed lol,can’t wait!

30 minits before the prom:

So I just logged in to Worlize to try out my avatar! It’s just right ! * phew*

As soon as I entered my house Shinymist “flew” to me! :D That was a really nice surprise!^^

So we hang out there at my garden for a while, only to find out we have even more in common lol, when Angie (mtrainpanda on Worlize) showed up too,in her fliterrific mermaid dress and soon after Phoebe joined in as well ! It was finally time for the prom,so we decided to all go together ^^

On our way there we met Faith Tulipfreeze.She had totally forgotten about the prom XD and didn’t have a dress… :(
Thankfully I had the idea to pass by Rose Morningmist’s world over the last minute and search for a dress for Faith at Queen’s Boutique.Thankfully we were able to find something (amongst the avatars we also found one of Angie’s fairies! XD lol) and we were ready to go! :D

After getting lost for a while,we found the world and ventured through the different rooms:The entrance

The editing room (super pretty but also super glitchy lol) 

The dance floor 
the garden (where it was raining !:P )

the library and the secret room there (that Phoebe had shown me on the first day of prom!)

the greenhouse

and many other places! We were having  a lot of fun on our own,we even got to tease an intruder lol

That was one of the funniest parts of the event actually.Snowy started teasing him and at some point she started dancing with a creepy avatar at the top of his head
bahahah..cause ..uh…well…that’s what us mature fairies do at  proms you know… XD

Until ,when we realized it was only us there and the prom hadn’t really started yet.(As we found out on the third day we got the time mixed up sigh*).

We got a lil bored on our own there so we headed off to Angie’s Winx –inspired world for a while,where we had a fun tour! :P

Then we decided to head back to the prom world for a while before logging off.

That’s when Flame Magix (Primose the Pixie) and -soon after- Gwyn showed up as the hosts of the event! Talk about good timing,seriously :P
After that the event really took off! :D We chatted with the girls and found we had a lot in common with them! They even took us for a tour  of their Olympus inspired world (yes the Olympus from Greece and Greek Mythology,where the 12 gods used to live)

They even gave Angie and I a room at their mansion! :O It was so kind of them to do that! *sob sob*

Everything was beautiful and well organized up to the last detail,and it was refreshing to see so many pixies online at once,and meet new friends! J Unfortunately I had to leave ,cause the time was already 3 AM IN THE MORNING here in Greece (2 am in Angie’s country which borders with mine) 

 However, it was definetly worth staying up for it!!!

Although I had to attend to my ACTUAL PROM IN REAL LIFE AT THE MAINLAND the next day XD.(That one was a lot of fun too btw :P)

( I later learnt  that they started a spy role-play after we left!Can’t believe I missed that ! -.- As a kid,I was super obsessed with Totally Spies  -and spies/secret agents in general -  :P.)

~Well,that was pretty much my second day there <3
 The third day was probably THE BEST amongst the days,and when we got to see THE MOST OUT OF THE EVENT

So come tomorrow for the next part <3

~Fly with you soon

Ⓒ29/6/16 Crystal Airshine


  1. That epic moment when I pretended I was getting soaked and screamed virtually lmao xD One of the best nights of my life hah xD

  2. And yeah that's Dewdrop ( the fairy with the red dress at Queen's Boutique up there in the pics) - can you believe my surprise to find her there? At first I didn't see her quite good so i wasn't sure if it was her because it wasn't just me who had that dress so I scrolled back and when I saw it was her I was laughing rly hard but then again I felt honored somehow lol