Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ღ PH DIARIES:Pixie Hollow Prom 2016 (p.1) ♪♫

Hey guys!
Crystal here!

How have you been this week?Did you do anything interesting? J

Well personally for me this week was full of things and new experiences both online and irl.And to be more specific this was the week that the second annual Pixie Hollow Prom took place! :D

The event was organized by Gwyn (https://iheartowls7240.wordpress.com/) and Primose Cocoasand (https://primrosethepixie.wordpress.com/) and I have to say they truly did an amazing job. Seriously, they had taken care of every single detail you can possibly imagine (as I will also explain later) and the outcome of the event was stunning! :D

The event lasted for a whole week,in order for everyone to have time to drop by. It took place at the girls’ world on Worlize  and it had a theme :by the Sea. There was also a set time for the event every day, which is what allowed everyone to gather simultaneously, and made me question the organization of previous reunions we had planned for Pixie Hollow .They had a really small attendance, but that was probably because everyone showed up on different times. While, this event had quite a good attendance ,specially during the first days, since everyone knew when to show up.

(I actually wanted to post about this before the event had ended, but I was too busy to do so, and other bloggers had already done so anyway … )
Unfortunately ,due to time zone differences some of us had some problems with time.
Some couldn’t make it at all and for some it was too late/early. For me and Angie ,it was TOO LATE. Angie would stay up  until even  2 am sometimes  and I stayed up until 3am in the morning every single time….Oh the things I do to attend a prom lol 

It was worth it though!It was so much fun!In fact ,I was able to appreciate the worth of Worlize thanks to this event,I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun before on there ! :D 

Now on to the story part of this post:

Monday the 13th of June

Dear leaf journal,

I just finished updating my blog for the first time in a year and I was feeling very nostalgic of Pixie Hollow.
I heard Fairy Abc reopened,so I’ll be playing that later when the server is up.
For now I decided to go on Worlize though.I ventured on Rose’s Pixie Hollow recreation for a while
(click for full resolution/size)

                             Trying random costumes :P wait...Elsa is that you O.O?

So I went with Rapunzel in the end XD.At the Fashion Fair room.

Aaaand,back to shopping.Do I ever stop you ask?No XD

and then I went on to for the first time create my own world there.I still hadn’t gotten around to doing that.I made it to be my home from Pixie Hollow,with my garden and a few extra touches J .

I still need to work on it a bit  though,but it was very nostalgic and surprisingly fun.Worlize really does allow you to create your own world.Then I decided to take a “stroll” around the different worlds, so I went to the directory.What caught my eye was a room named “Pixie Prom room”. Let’s just say,I’ve never clicked on a worlize world this fast before XD 

When I entered the room,there was another visitor there trying different Pixie Hollow dresses.I immediately realized this was indeed a pixie hollow-related room, and that a fellow fairy! Her name as I learnt was/(is) Harmony or Shinymist which was her name back in PH.We chatted for a while and she informed me that the room was for an event,a Pixie Hollow Prom that would soon take place.We also chatted a bit after that and realized we had a crazy amount of things in common J .So my visit there,ended really nicely as I made a new friend ^_^ 

After that I decided to read my mail,and catch up with the latest pixie blog posts from my fellow PBC.And guess what?I stumbled upon the official blog notice of the second annual Pixie Hollow Prom at Gwyn’s blog!XD To be honest,I didn’t know the blog before but I’m glad I found it and am excited to go there too! I should tell Angie as well! :D
Although…there’s one tiny little problem… what the heck  am I going to wear? O.O 

Monday the 20th of June
Dearl leaf journal,

Today was a busy day,as I updated my blog again with a new post about Fairy Abc and how to deal with its glitches and problems.So later, I was hanging out at the Pixie Chat (on Google Hangouts ) ,working on my blog when a pixie ,Phoebe Bumbleflip called out for help,saying she was at the prom on Worlize and some weird people were bullying her.

Noone seemed to be available so I decided to “run to her rescue” (Coincidentally I had forgotten today was the first day of prom,although when I visited It hadn’t started yet).

I was lost for a while looking for the prom –I ended up visiting  a few random rooms with random strangers(apparently I also interrupted a couple there o.o ;_;) ….- when I finally found it.There ,I found Phoebe (who apparently is also a blogger https://alisonheartfairiesbooklover56.wordpress.com/ ) 

 surrounded by a bunch of random people with…freakin YAOI avatars o.o ………. XD (bahahahah –sorry Phoebe-  if you guys read manga you might know what that means…if you’ve ever accidentally stumbled upon the genre while looking for new things to read…ahem ;_;,but I’m not going to explain this,since I’d like to keep this blog kids friendly ;_; …………ahem *chockes* -gah, can’t believe I’m mentioning something like this here...what has my blogging life come to lol ) *guys ,please do not google it o.o *just don’t, ok ? :P ><

After I appeared they left,so Phoebe decided to show me around the prom world.(To be honest.I can’t blame Phoebe for freaking out a little XD o.o) .In one of the rooms we met Melody (who apparently is also a blogger :P https://snowflakefancypuff.wordpress.com ).Obviously,as I rushed to help her I was not prepared for the prom,so I ended up wearing the gown I wore at the Christmas Reunion … ;_; -__-

Anyway,we later went to the library,where Phoebe showed us a secret room :o

As you can see,it was a really weird,dark magic,Harry Potter-y ,Hogwards-like secret room XD .Like I was expecting “you know who” to pop up from a corner at any minit XD
Anyway,I left after that,as it was already 12 am…~

So that wrapped up my first day at the prom guys ;_; XD……………….., I’ll post the story of my second day there tomorrow so stay tuned! :D

I promise it will be a lot more interesting!(and not weird)

No really

 I promise ok ;_; ? Just come again tomorrow :P

~Fly with you later

Ⓒ28/6/16 Crystal Airshine


  1. Bahahah I have a friend who's into - well two okay THREE friends who'd google that but nah I won't tell them xD Anyways nice story, HEY THIS REMINDS ME I CAN MAKE A STORY OUT OF THIS FOR MY STORY SECTION WITH U IN IT THANKS -RUSHES TO BLOG-

  2. I meant out of the Pixie Prom though, not your post lmao xD

  3. Ahhh, I really need to work on my Worlize world again, it's really out-dated now... I'll try and do that in the holidays.

    *adds to list of stuff to do*

    1. Lol!Not really,I think it's just fine the way it is? :) Not gonna stop you though :P

    2. XD
      Nothing too huge - just adding in the music and updating the Summer Meadows... that sort of stuff.