Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello everyone!

Hey there everybody! It's been such a LONG time since i checked my blog 0.0 actually it might have been 3 months or so... 
So i just logged into my account and received a tone  of your 
 e-mails and comments (which made me really happy to read ^^) , so i want to apologise for not having replied to you so far but i just saw them and i haven't even read all of them yet! I'm gonna try and answer to everybody so please be patient! :) Also, many of you have been asking me about Pixie Hollow and what is gonna happen with it or even asked me to bring it back (guys that's actually not up to me..sorry if  i gave you the wrond idea about that ? ) , and i'm going to try and all your questions as much as i can in a new post soon (hopefully:/, im SOO super busy guys! sorryyy!)
Sorry for negleting the blog all this time! I'm gonna try and make it up to you!!
~Fly with you soon pixie pals  <3

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