Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pixie Hollow's End ..The End of our Friendships ?

Hey everyone! I'm doing some good -bye Pixie Hollow posts these days (there are more comming up) on what to do now that the Hollow's closed .

So ..I think that we all know that Pixie Hollow is officially gone, (for now, cause who knows what the future holds ..I mean there's even a rumor that a sparrow man who is an adult, is saving up money to buy the game and re-open it!) but does that mean we will loose our friends just like that ? NO! I saw many people on these last days on PH that kept on crying over the fact they would loose their beloved friends .So ..... In case you don't have any way to contact your pixie friends, guys, i can inform you that:

A.You may be able to find them on some of  the forums about Pixie Hollow! :D :
These are some of the forums i found about Pixie Hollow :
(The first one is the one i reccomend to search on cause most fairies have joined there using their fairy name and it's also the most popular one)

And i also found this club about Pixie Hollow in another forum that has many views and you can see the list of the members with their fairy names!
 I'm not saying that you should go ahead and register in every single forum , but it's very likely to find many of your friends there!

B. But where you really have a chance to find your friends is on Facebook! If you have an account or if you can make one it's worth searching for your friends there , cause a ton of fairies have created an account for their fairies (including me!) . You can contact me by going to the blog's Facebook Page,( wich you can visit by clicking the tab above!) There really is a huge community of fairies on Facebook ! :P

C.You can also join Pixie Hollow Communities on Google +  ,that have several members :), and also search for many fairies there as well! I too have a Google plus account as Crystal Airshine :)

And there is always the blog's chat , where you might find some of your friends! :D Good Luck with getting back your lost Pixie Friends! <3 I'm soon uploading more posts so stay tuned ! To not miss any of them , simply register on the blog by Google + or by e-mail =D See you all soon!
Ⓒ21/9/13 Crystal Airshine


  1. Thank you Crystal! I actually already have a Forums account.. So that's how I'm keeping in touch with some of my best friends (I persuaded them to get an account. I think they were annoyed by how often I bugged them about it LOL)

    ~ Minerva

    1. Hahha your welcome.^^ It' really nice to hear you didn't loose contact with your besties :)
      Same was with my friends .. they used to tell me aaaall the time to get a Facebook account for my fairy XD
      Hehe,,, but it was worth it cause in the end i could keep in contact with all my friends and make a wonderfull page for my blog :)

  2. Whoa , long but worth reading :) And I am one of your besties Cleo :* <3 Was , Am and Always Will be and also I am looking for a virtual world for us to play in bc as it turns out the reason for the How to Train Your Dragon place is slow cuz u need like 1MB of RAM or more so.. Yeah forget about that :) But don't worry your so called genious friend is on this and when she's on something trust me nobody can stop me !

    1. Angie i know that's u -.- XD geez, genius strikes again :p, and i know about the dragon school, u told me on Facebook remember ? :P

  3. I coudn't find my friends anywhere..........:'o