Sunday, December 4, 2016

ღ FABC: December Updates so far! ღ

Hey pixies ,Crystal here! :D 

How have you all been? I missed you so!

Personally I’ve kinda been overloaded with academic work and other life matters,but as of yesterday I decided I had to get my life together lol XD

Anyway,our favorite website/online world/home is back once again (it was offline the last few days because there was no extra bandwidth to run the game with) and has some cute little updates ,so in order to avoid confusion, let’s take a look at them together! :D

First and foremost, the big deal with this update is that Frost talents are –as someone in the forums said- no longer homeless :P.Frost fairies now have their own cool snowy homes ! :D
This is a picture of them I found in the forums (so cool!!) 

(A thank you to Le Faye for letting me borrow it !:D )

I remember when I had my own frosty home back in the original PH hehe *memories*

(For those of you guys who are new here,that used to be my second fairy :P )

Also some minor changes include falling objects in :

1  1)  All the winter meadows (there is snow falling!!!) 

2      2) Autumn meadows(falling leaves!) 

3      3) Heavendish Square (there are bubbles –cause there’s the river nearby I guess?-still very cute!^^)

Note though,that you have to wait a bit so see them (about 30 seconds or so) ;)

Oh by the way the Hollow is still in Halloween form :P (don't worry they'll change it back..eventually XD ),bu the silly sweets and pumpkin meadow are gone :(

I think all these changes are very fun, and add a nice new touch on the game.

However those of you that were expecting something bigger, don’t be disappointed! For now these are the only changes because there were technical issues with adding more features,but lots of goodies are coming in the future! :D

PS: Since the update is still new, there will quite likely be a good amount glitches…Also if the game is not loading for you, don’t worry the same thing happened to me with the ln the last update,just wait a day or two and you should be good :)
(If not please contact the FairyABC staff )

That’s all for now,fly with you all soon! <3


  1. YASS CRYSTAL IM SO EXCITED i saw the leaves but no snow

    1. ohh maybe you should try to wait for a min or so ?:o

  2. I just saw this post - better late than never I suppose o.o Anyways good to have you around again girl :)