Friday, July 8, 2016

PH DIARY:Last day of Pixie Hollow Prom 2016

Hey there guys!

Crystal here!

How have you been?

For me these last few days since I posted part 3 of this post have certainly been full of surprises…But I might talk about that another time….

Anyhow I’m here to FINALLY finish this post!I don’t think I’ve worked on this blog sooo much before in such a short period of time =.= ,and I’m not only talking about the posts.

To be honest right now that I’m writing this it’s 3am
,but I had to keep my promise to you guys and write this anyway :P .So my apologies if this post is a little ..ehh..hasty I guess.I won’t be able to post this week probably because I’ll be away from home so that is why..

By the way,after a whole year (oops) I finally posted my first original post on Minerva’s blog “Fly to Inspire”! It’s about pixie hollow inspired fashions,so check it out :D

Anyhow,here it is the final day of prom!:

Saturday 25th of June
Dear leaf journal,

Now that I’m writing to you I’m actually away from home on a trip to Mainland.That means that yesterday was my last day of prom unfortunately.

A whole week was enough for me though to get enough of the event,so I’m not sad J

Yesterday was fun-not as much as the other days but still cool-.

Things moved a little bit smoother this time. I had a little more time to make a new gown.For my new dress I was inspired by my mentor Silvermist the head of us water talents :D

(Needless to say I did not design this.All rights go to the original artist)

As per usual,Angie (from ) and I arrived at the same time on Worlize.

There was still time until the prom so we just hang out with a bunch of other fairies that invited us to a school role play. However,school was the last thing I wanted to think of now that it’s summer XD (same went for Angie) so we left soon after :P (sorry guys XD!)

Not too long after that, the prom started. Everyone was beautiful as always.I especially loved Angie’s(“mtrainpanda” on Worlize) dress,it was so beautiful and unique ! :o <3

We stayed for a while at the ballroom to chat

And then we took off to where else? The dancing room of course XD

We each put on our songs, and we had some major throwbacks to the early 2000’s with songs like Beyonce’s  “Crazy in Love”, “Get it right” by Jennifer Lopez and more :P

So we danced and chatted and somehow like that the night ended for me and Angie since we had to leave a little earlier than others J

So yeah…that was day 4 XD.I’m sorry it’s short but I’M SO SLEEPY
(in case you can’t already tell by my lazy writing :P.Don’t ask why I had to do this so late,It’s a long story XD)

In case you haden’t already ,make sure to also read part 1, part 2, and part 3 of this post !:)
2 and 3 were my favorite ^^

Also don’t forget to follow this blog by e-mail to get notified when a new post will be up!!!(I might even update this week if I manage to)

~Fly with you soon <3

Ⓒ8/7/16 Crystal Airshine


  1. woah! what a nice way to finish the prom off!! have fun with whatever you're doing next week! :P

  2. Yeah school was fun - but not so much ( no offense guys ). But that wasn't the last time I was on tho - I was on the day of the last day of prom but nobody else was till like 1am I was on and nobody came so I left. Well it's lovely Crystal - and needless to say I ENJOY READING STUFF U POST YOU INSPIRE ME YOU'RE MY SILVERMIST - OKAY I'M LEAVING BYE XD

    1. hahahahahahahah
      True the school thing was a bit..just a tad..boring..(no offence school ppl lol )
      Aww,I didn't know! o.o
      So noone came? wow

      p.s:Your blog inspires me too ahahah,you're like my Iridessa <3 (cause Stella is a light talent and Silvermist's already taken XD )

  3. Wow, I am very excited I found an alive PH blog! <3 Usually they are all closed. I miss PH so much... My google name is even inspired by it! I am now a lost fairy... (I play AJ now too and blog about it. It is still not as good as PH. -cry-)

    1. Hi lostfairy!
      Thank you for visitng my blog ,I'm happy to see an active pixie too :D <3 !
      Anyhow you should be happy to know that you have to change your google name now...because PIXIE HOLLOW IS BACK!! :D
      Well sort of:P There is a recreation of the game right now but it's awesome !!!It's a work in progress so you might face a few problems..that is why I made a help post ("Fairy ABC:HELP/TIPS").You can find it on the top right part of the blog at "Blog Archive".
      Fly with you !~