Wednesday, July 6, 2016

✎PH DIARY:Pixie Hollow Prom 2016-Day 3 ❣♚

Hey there pixies! 

Crystal here! I'm so sorry for not having posted this on the weekend as promissed.I tried to for an hour actually but I was faced with internet problems... :/ Tbh,this post has gotten on my nerves,I swear this is the 5th time I'm trying to upload this !

I couldn't before,because aside from the internet problems there was also some sort of broken tag in the html?or sth o.O

Anyway, I’m back to tell you about day 3 of my pixie prom as promised ;)

In case you missed them you can read about day 1 and day 2  here :D ! 

By the way,just a little note: Although I’m calling this day 3 it was actually day 4 for everyone else because I couldn’t make it on Wednesday since I had to attend my actual prom irl :P.
Also the narration from my leaf journal takes place the day after the prom this time :P

So, without further ado let’s get started ^_^ !

Friday 24th of June

Dear leaf journal,

I’m writing to you right now with a bit of a dizzy head ,I’m afraid I had little more fairy juice  than I should have had yesterday at the Pixie Prom,so excuse me If I don’t remember the events as clearly anymore. 

I remember one thing though: yesterday was A BLAST!

 It was definitely the most fun day of prom so far and it was also full of surprises! I have to give it to Flame and Gwyn, they had taken care of even the littlest ,smallest details!

I on the other hand was feeling super lazy yesterday morning.

I knew I would probably have to edit  sew a new dress for the prom –you know I NEVER like to wear the same thing twice- ,yet I completely slacked off. Time passed, night came and I STILL didn’t have a dress prepared! So I had to rush off to Pixie Postings to buy the latest “Queen’s Boutique” clothing catalog, in order to perhaps get some idea on what gown to make that would also fit the sea theme.

I decided to go with the stunning seafoam gown, it’s elegant and matched the theme perfectly ;) !

However I had very little time left o.o . So let’s just say I’ve never edited  sawn anything so quickly before o.o .Luckily I made it on the last minute *phew*
I think it turned out okay ? J I didn’t have time to make a hair ornament though :/ So I wore the one I wore with the shell dress :P
 (please do not use ANY of the images without my permision.Thank you!)

Having met the hosts of the prom already ,we agreed to arrange  an earlier time for the prom ,in order for Angie and I to be able to go. However the time was delayed a little -luckily that is- otherwise I would have to wear my shell dress which was a big no no XD

Anyway, as always everything was wonderful . Angie and Shinymist came to fetch me from my house and we all flew to the prom together! J

Gwyn and Flame also arrived at the ballroom at the same time with us.Although we went later than promised it was still early and the girls hadn’t finished preparing the ballroom.
(click for full size)

My memory is a little fuzzy at this point.I think we went to another room for a while ,but I don’t remember where XD. I remember however that when we returned the ballroom was equipped with tables and a buffet full of sweets and pixie drinks like the fairy fruit juice I mentioned :P

At that time more fairies arrived like Raven (she also has a blog :P ) and Alihsaa .

Everything was wonderful! Gwyn had even arranged for a waitress avatar outfit ! :o
After getting our drinks and chatting over some tea and delicious cakes we went forward to the dancing room.

(At first I wasn’t sure what we were going to do,but the girls put on a playlist from youtube and we used dancing gifs to dance to different styles –from pop-to tango-to latin-to hip hop and anything you can imagine- :D

.It was actually a lot more fun than expected o.o .It felt a little like actually dancing by switching from gif to gif,alternating dance moves XD (well sort of )

There we danced the night off! :D

So after our wings got tired we decided to take a rest.Then Flame announced us that it was time for the special part of the night:The surprise after-party! J

The surprise was that Flame (created a new World) took as on a deluxe pixie cruise!
So we boarded on the pixie-dust fueled cruise ship

And boarded off at a tropic hotel at the shore of  Palm Tree Cove.
It was amazing!

There was an excotic pool

And the hotel rooms were super luxurious!

Unfortunately I wasn’t expecting this so I didn’t have an appropriate outfit prepared-I mean a gown isn’t the best outfit for the tropics…Thankfully I had my shell dress with me as a change of clothes.Everyone else though seemed to have come prepared? ;_;


We spent most of our time at the spa were we got virtual  relaxing massages as well as our wings cleaned and cared for J. There we relaxed, feasted on treats and talked about girl things :P. We also got to meet a new fairy Topaz Nightwhisper.

When night came we resided at the Private midnight pool were we swam and did other silly things :P

Unfortunately it was really late and I had to fly a long way all the way to the mainland for my water talent missions the next day,so I had to go ;’(
It was extremely fun though! Everything was amazing and I’m grateful to the hosts for organizing such a magnificent event ^^

Well that was my third day at the prom guys! I hope you didn’t get confused by the mix of Pixie Hollow “fantasy” elements due to this being written in my  “leaf journal”  :P

I'll be posting about the 4th day and the LAST PART of this post within this very week ;)

And remember to follow the blog by e-mail so you can know whenever a new post is up!!! <3

Till then have a flaptastic day <3

Ⓒ6/7/16 Crystal Airshine


  1. Wow! You had quite an adventure! :D I can't wait for part 4!!! :)

    1. Haha you can say that again :P ! Yay,thanks for reading Pearly <3

    2. also I had that same shirt you're wearing in white XD (as you can see on the banner lol)

  2. Wow I missed all that?! Geez - thanks irl cat. -_-
    Anyways seems you guys had a LOT of fun - okay now off to my last part of my own Pixie Prom story :)

    1. Hahahah awww come,on it's ok! We can always have fun on worlize all together! <3

      yay! Can't wait to read it!!

  3. A lot of pixies have hundreds of Worlize avatars so they have a pixie outfit for every occasion :P

    I have a lot in my world at the clothing stores, but I haven't updated them in a while, so there may not be any current avatars. You can have a look if you want though ;)

    1. I know! :D
      On the first day actually we went there with Faith Tulipfreeze because she had forgotten to make a dress XD ,so I took her to Queen's and we were able to find one :D

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