Thursday, July 21, 2016

FairyABC: Updates Preview!!!

Hey guys!
Crystal here^^

How have you been? Have you been on Fairy ABC at all lately?

Well you may or may not know this but the game is getting updated soon! So therefore today we will be talking about what the update will include and what that will look like :P

(Btw for those of you who have no idea what Fairy ABC is, it’s basically the recreation of our beloved Pixie Hollow! Yup that’s right! Pixie Hollow is BACK! You can find the game at or you can click either at the "Home" page or on the tab next to “About” that sais “Play Pixie Hollow(2016)!”  As I’ve said before the game is a work in progress so you might run into some problems..In that case this will help you a lot ;) :  

Ok so first of all the update was to come earlier but due to some issues it will be available in a few days (probably July 23rd!) according to Wind Muddle .

UPDATE!:The game's update will be late due to some problems,here is why:

What we surely know the update will include is new (and more) hairstyles ,clothes  ,a closet option fairy profiles and -maybe- homes and furniture!

(click on the images for full size!)

However we might have to recreate our fairies, but it’s not such a big deal right? :P

By the way speaking of clothes ,the closet will not include many slots at first because it requires more resources and if I’m not mistaken they have to pay for those.The people who created fairyabc are already forced to pay 15$ per month to keep the game online (which is why they allowed ads on their website,so please consider turning adblock off on fairyabc to help keep the game up!) and they are just kids our age.They are not adults,so they can’t afford that.Wind Muddle even said he would be taking up a part time job!

 And here’s what the pixie profiles will look like:

The creators are also taking some initiatives in doing new things with the game!We will now be able to go to our leaf journal,and before printing our fairy we will be able to insert images on the background like so!:

Another new and innovative feature they are adding is that we will be able to upload our photo (or any other picture) and fly on it! It will be private though -only we will be able to see it-.

Other things include an improved chat system : you will be able to whisper to fairies in other meadows and the size of fairies will get a little smaller like it was originally !

Houses and furniture may or may not be included on this below for more info!

Lastly,this has NOTHING to do with the upcoming update.BUT according to what my good friend Pearl Cuteshine told me, they had experimented with creating mini games back in 2015.

Maybe they will add them again at some point? Maybe...Who knows?

One thing’s for sure though…this blog will be the first source to inform you of any further news!So don’t forget to subscribe by e-mail to always know when a new post is up ;)

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Till next time I wish you all a pixie-tastic week!


©21/7/16 Crystal Airshine


  1. I'm so excited for the update! :)

    1. Me too!! :D However I won't be at home when it's up so I'll have to wait long till I play -_- ;'( *sniff*

  2. Hey i just read this and omg
    U wont mind if i use ur blog as an info site right? It'll be credited ofc CX anyways im ma update my blog with these news as well 😉 luv u girly mwa :*

  3. OH MY GOODNES! I neeeedd an account of Fairy ABC!! It looks wonderful! <3 I shall have to talk to my parents so I can play. (All these wonderful feelings when I see pictures of PH coming back... :D)

    1. Question, does Wind Muddle ask Disney if they could make another version of the PH? Cuz we all might get in trouble if the game gets in trouble with copyright issues... D:

    2. Hhehehehe ikr?<3^^

      Oh also, Wind had asked back in 2015 but they completly ignored him and didn't seem to care at all O.O.
      By the way,if the game does get in trouble that won't affect the players,only the creators ;)

    3. Ohhh, ok! YAY!!! I SO SO SO WANT TO PLAY IT THEN! Thanks for replying! ;D

    4. No problem! :D I've replied to your older comments as well :P^^

  4. Replies
    1. me too!!!! I just came back from my beach house (where I had no internet) and I'm soooo excited to check it out!