Saturday, October 29, 2016

FairyABC:New Update TOMORROW!-Spoilers- ❣

Hey guys it’s Crystal!

It’s been a long time since my last post hasn’t it? :?( 
Well, I’ll have to apologize for the lack of posting but soooo many things are happening right now for me in real life that it’s just crazy!

Anyway how have you been ?I missed you all! Comment down bellow and tell me how have your days been ?:)

Btw, I don’t know if you’ve heard but….THERE IS GOING TO BE A NEW UPDATE ON FAIRYABC ….TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, no one knows what it will include yet…or not?

Well let’s just say it’s going to be pretty sweet…Literally XD

So remember to look out for spring meadows, and (perhaps) Heavendish Square for fun surprises including maybe some  fun for two in the tearoom ?Who knows :P

And of course no celebration is complete without a cool party!
Look forward to it ;)

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Fly with you all soon!

Xoxo ,
Gossip Girl    errr I mean..

©Crystal Airshine,2016


  1. cant wait for the new update! just made a new account today, my fairy's name is Abigail cottonbelle. x

  2. i hope in the new update more shops will be available like to buy furniture and to be able to decorate your house. they also need to include mini games and just make it like the old PH.

  3. Awesome happy gaming then!
    Also you will find that there are already more shops (for clothes Gale's Outfiter's and Queen's Boutique have been added! ) and you are also already able to decorate your house! You just don't buy the furniture.It's already available ,you can find it in the icon that looks like a treasure box when you visit your home ;) .
    Tip: When you select a piece of furniture scroll with your mouse to adjust its size! ;)

    Lastly,a mini-game is actually coming with this update!!And the game is going to be more and more like the original with each update ^_^

    1. thanks so much for letting me know. its quite confusing at first! :)

    2. That's okay and no problem! It's totally understandable! :P

  4. Well just saw the post and yeah - sadly Crazy Cakes didn't make a comeback - for now - but they're all working on it and it's coming soon. Look forward to it!

    1. Yeah ikr?! :( It was supposed to come with the previous update even,not this one sighh
      Oh well,Ik the creators are doing their best ^_^